Meet The Most Active Commentators In August 2016

outstanding commentators of 2016

Sept 3rd, 2016 – Meet The Most Active Commentators In August 2016

Join us in welcoming Red, one of NG’s most active commentators of 2015. She travelled and recently returned.

Here is the complete list of commentators who participated most on the site in August 2016

  1. Fifelomo
  2. Maryf
  3. Sola Olaniyi
  4. Bench
  5. Huchennar
  6. Big Aunty Koks
  7. Truce
  8. D hunter
  9. Betty
  10. Endure.

We also want to use this medium to appreciate the most engaging commentators in August and they are

(1) DHunter

(2) Red

(3) Endure

(4) Metu Nyetu

(5) Fifelomo

The funniest commentator of August 2016 remains the undefeated heavy weight Grammarian,  Bench.

The most instructive commentators of August 2016 are:

(1) Jilo

(2) Dhunter

(3) Omokehinde

(4) Metu

(5) Endure

If you think we are missing anyone on this list, please write it in the comment section, we will review and update the list…. Thank you

We also want to use this medium to appreciate readers who do not leave comment, please be encouraged to leave your inputs… It goes a long way to promote engagement.

As a way of discouraging hate on this blog, we often delete or censor abusive comments.

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30 thoughts on “Meet The Most Active Commentators In August 2016

  1. Its so good to be amongst the commentors again. Thank @naijagists for the recognition. Happy new month once again. It shall be a month to remember for good.

  2. Naijagist, is a first time wey I am follow to be topping your ten. I am follow to be oga on top. Is a thing of hapility to me bicos is make me to know say you are starting to talk true. So I am say thank you. I am also say God to be blessing you up and down.
    But I am a haver of my own pipul weyra toping my own ten. See them.

    1. Bench. Na me is nomber one weyris have sense pass away other pipul for here bicos I smoke orijinal igbo.
    2. Sola Olaniyi
    3. Omokehinde. Omokehinde is not smoke igbo but I am not know how he come get sense. Or maybe he is hide for house to smoke am.
    4. Endure. Chai. Endure is a a haver of orijinal sence o. That woman weyris supply him igbo de try to give him orijinal igbo.
    5. Jilo
    6. Red. Red for be nomber one madam on top of my ten if say she was not travul. But she have come back. She come back from travul she no even buy odinary gala for pipul. She have falling my hand.
    7. Fifelomo. Na Fifebaby I am call her.
    8. Lola O. Lola is not commenting many again. I am not know wheda is money have finish. I am understanding. Is not dey easy to live for Buhari govament and be commenting for naijagist.
    9. Huchenar.
    10. Truce

    If you are not see your name for my toping ten, make you no vex. Make you having hope bicos tumoro will also dey. Make you just find orijinal igbo to smoke so that you are follow to top my ten. Is not easy to follow to be top my ten o. Make sure say you smoke igbo until your head is do tititititititititititititititititi. Good lock.

  3. A big CONGRATS to all the lucky TOP TEN of last Month. Wishing U all the best in the new Month.

    A very BIG Thank you from Me to NG for a noble gesture for this honour. It really ignites the heart to be recognized once again in all THREE Categories.
    The Most Active.
    The Most Engaging.
    The Most Instructive.
    I am particularly elated bcos I still remain the only commentator that has been considered in all three categories for two consecutive Months now.

    However, I think that a very active, copious force is missing from the list of the ACTIVE commentators, in the person of Metu.

    Though, not questioning your judgement here cos‘ as I always say: We dont know by which criterials you picks your TOP Ten for the Month.

    Beside all things, You guys are really doing a great job and I pray you soar higher and higher everyday above other Sites especially in this Ember month.
    As for me, I believe that…
    And that,

    I will continue my strolling…

  4. For those who did not make the list last Month, be happy and ensure that the Month of September will be eventful that will see your name not only on NG top ten but on Success, Promotion, Favour, Victory, Divine Health, Breakthrough, Answers to Prayers etc.
    Goodluck to everyone!

    I take a stroll…

  5. Thank you NG’s and fellow commentators @ Bench, I’m happy you are among the active commentators for last month. Keep it up

  6. special thanks to everybody who have made me a participant in this group (not even the stories). i mean those who comment meaningfully which makes me want to say something.. all thanks.. @omokehinde thank you for always dropping those sentimental words
    @fifelomo thanks for always observing the stories.(from diff angle)
    @D_HUNTER for your reasonable and wise comments. i don’t know maybe it because of the wild animals you’ve engaged with that makes you enlightened on how to tackle issues but i know “THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER”
    @metu my home boy nwa nna idi ok.. you are always there hitting the point on the head like an hammer does to a nail. @Maryf @Sola Olaniyi @Bench the educated meaningful grammarian
    @Big Aunty Koks you one of those i cherish the way you apply wisdom to things makes me feel we can still have a better country
    @Truce you are legit
    @Endure God bless you my friend for your beautifully decorated comments

  7. i know it just a ten man list but i most commend the likes of @venerable @koolz @observer @Amanda (that religious guru) and the rest i can’t mention. am grateful to have shared this forum with you let keep commenting and let keep learning from each because Life Goes On #LGO like @koolz will say… i appreciate the fact that we all don’t fall in the category of
    #clueless human because

  8. Metu Nyetu where thou u @? @DHUNTER, I appreciate you, @Omokehinde, you are a good role modle,@huchennar it can only get better,@Meryf,sola olaniyi, Endure and Truce I sight you all. @BigAuntyKok, much love. To my one and only Grammarian @Bench my boyfriend kisses to you. To everyone out there, I say happy new month, it shall be a fruitful month to us all.

  9. THANKS MY PEOPLE FOR THE LOVE SHARED! You guys ask about me, but my name made it to two categories. Feels good enough. All that made it to that top ten, in my thinking, deserve it, especially the terrorist(I no call anybody name o)

    HERE IS fun. At my place, a particular guy calls me Computer, not because I am brainy, but because of how often I login to naijagists. The admin is good. The commentators are wonderful. And though diverse as we are, we are a united force. I especially love Huchenaar’s comment about Big Aunty Koks. Maybe we could have a one Nigeria after all.

  10. i use 3D glasses to sight at august list,i see say wayo no dey in d list,despite my name was not among,naijagist choses right God bless them.and congratulations to the people dat made it to the top ten list of niajagist,God bless u all.and to we dat dont make it to the list,i stil congratulate and thank u all for atleast commenting at ur convenient time its not easy,God bless u.

  11. @Metu you are highly welcome into the midst of the most instructive commentator. I thought as much,that why wouldn’t naija jist include your name because your comment is one of the most cherished ever since I discovered this site two months ago. Welcome once again. @huchennar my tight friend,I still remember your brilliant article about our national thief,thief legislature. very informative and insightful one from you.@D hunter another powerful guy in this site. Just that I’ve not eating any of the bush meat killed by him. Maybe in this upcoming salar I will have that opportunity.@Omokehinde,i do love his comment a lot about his view on the past administration on how they’ve crippled our economy and the best way forward for the country. @jilo. I do also take my time to read his fine comments but unfortunately,it has not been frequent. @fifelomo another good commentator who is always very brief and straight to the point in her view which I love the most.@maryf @big aunti kok@sola olaniyi
    @betty@truce@red I greet you all for your brilliant comments including those I’ve not been able to mention. But one OGBONTA RIGI
    That will never escape my mind is the one and only FELA the gramarian who is always sitting on the BENCH wrapping his heavy duty IGBO who can’t also do without mentioning IGBO in his comment. I fear you ooo OGA,if na true,I beg comot your hand o. @naija jist I must praise your effort in bringing to light so many news update on a daily basis from your site. It has always been nice being with you. Love you all.

  12. Each time I want to comment visitors will interrupt thus making it seem ungrateful not thanking for this honor. @NaijaGist thank you sir! Oh maybe sir is not appropriate, thank you Ma! That might still not apply so thank you folks, although “folk” appear too irreverent a mode of address for the giant commentators on this page so I’ll simply say thank you very very much indeed all!!!

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