Meet Ruth Kadiri’s Boyfriend: Nigerian Actress Flaunts Londoner Lover

ruth kadiri boyfriend

Sept 17, 2014 – Meet Ruth Kadiri’s Boyfriend: Nollywood Actress Flaunts Londoner Fiance

The matters arising in Ruth Kadiri’s life is that she has found love. The beautiful actress is currently on vacation in London, UK.

Few hours ago, the producer of Matters arising movie took to IG to share the above pic of her man with fan

Check out a video clip of the lovers below:

11 thoughts on “Meet Ruth Kadiri’s Boyfriend: Nigerian Actress Flaunts Londoner Lover

      • He is never your next city neighbour, talkless next door, what is your gain in lying? This guy doesn’t even live in London, maybe you mean your next country neighbour, na wa o, Alhajagbotie, o gbotie rara.

  1. No way,,the guy and his baby mama were living together in east London(dalston area) they are my next door neighbours.

  2. @alhajagbotie wht did u call it? If I may baby mama rite???? I adore men that look after their kids, first off yeah! He must not display stupidity by ignoring the mother of his kid/kids, and that in other hand doesnt mean they are together as couple. Get that fact. He might still live in the same house doesnt mean they share same bed. She on the other hand( actress) should look well before she leaps. If at all he is chatting on his baby mama like u are implying, then its up to her to figure things out herself before hand! Piss of an advice, mind ur biz and butt out, dnt go knocking on her door and ask her to check up this and that, cuz in the end u will be the bad one! Ever heard of wht the eyes dnt see the lip dnt leap!!!!! Bless

  3. what is the meaning of that short video? just to tell audience that she has a london based boyfriend? inferiority complex sucksssss….

  4. @Alhajagbotie thus guy doesn’t even live in London talkless east or west,this is just an harmless post on instagram blown out of proportion, It is best you stick to what you know and not just form talks to get attention.

  5. I thought Nigerians abroad are different, needless say the blood runs in their vains, people just form stories, “The guy is your next door neighbour with his baby mama”, this is someone I know like the back of my palm, this is someone that doesn’t even live in London as portrayed and Alhajagbotie don dey form familiarity, naija, una too much.

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