Mercy Aigbe & Husband Lanre Gentry Fight Always Because She Loves To Party – Former Staff

mercy aigbe loves to party

May 7, 2017 – Lanre Gentry & Mercy Aigbe Are Always Fighting Because She Loves To Party – Former Mag-Divas Sales Girl Open Can Of Worms

In the course of digging out the truth on what actually went down in Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry marriage of 7 year, Sunday Scoop put a call through to a source who worked at Mercy Aigbe’s Mag Divas Boutique in Omole.

The employee who requested anonymity said the Mercy & Lanre are fond of fighting anytime they come into the boutique.

This is what the former employee said:

9 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe & Husband Lanre Gentry Fight Always Because She Loves To Party – Former Staff

  1. he has a wife in his home before certainly out of wickedness brought another women in and found no peace next time appreciate what you have .. he saw a flamboyant actress he went for her not knowing his money alone wasn’t going to be enough for mercy’s outlandishness… good for mr gentry.. guess who is laughing now

  2. Every marriage have itches so their isn’t exceptional. I don’t actually expect much from a divorcee or sort

  3. Him: she is mentally unwell
    She doesn’t cook for the family
    She likes partying
    She doesn’t give him attention.
    Her: He is abusive.
    They need relationship counselling.

  4. If one can sit and digest this issue between Mercy and Mr. Gentry, the whole thing lie on infidelity. This is very common with Benin women. This does not mean that women from other tribes do not digress but that of Benin women have come to be accepted as the norm.I should say about 35% of Benin women are decent. Mercy was married to an Ibo man from Anambra. That marriage ended because according to her the mother in-law did not like her because she is from another tribe. That excuse I do not buy. An Ibo man/woman can find love anywhere. The intermarriages between Ibos and other tribes in Nigeria can bear testimony to this. From my own community alone, a lot of our men marry from Yoruba tribe and a host of others marry from our neighbors in the East (Rivers/cross river/Akwa Ibom/ and Ijaw)not to talk of those who marry from Delta and other parts of Edo. Even here in US a lot of Yoruba men marry Ibo girls and vice versa. So Mercy should not use tribe to tell us why her first marriage (to an Ibo man)failed. She never said her first husband beat her (or did she)? because he never did. The reason why she left her first husband might be because she saw a bigger gold mine (Lanre Gentry) and now that mine is exhausted, she decided to change jobs by provoking Mr. Gentry up to the point of beating her (which he never should have done) no matter the level of provocation. How many men will bear the sight of his wife running to another man’s house anytime there is a misunderstanding? how many men will like to learn that his wife went to stay with another man in another country when she told him she was going to another country? I do not support or like the way Mr. Gentry beat her up. He should have endured the embarrassment and walk way after all she was married before he saw her and she left her husband under the pretext that her mother in-law did not like her. Mercy will find another gold mine and with her beauty she will get one until such a time the beauty will fade and she will be out of job and into retirement so, let her save enough now for rainy day.

  5. Then, the husband claim that she has mental issue may not be far form reality. Because, it is only insanity that will make 2 parties to be off and on in reasons or simple logic. So, when you want to manage such habit you may likely be the victim also. The GENTRYS as a family should equally work on their son before next level.

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