Mercy Aigbe Used Borrowed Wedding Dress For 40th Birthday Shoot, Designer Maryam Elisha Slammed

mercy aigbe used borrowed wedding dress 40th birthday shoot

January 2nd, 2018 – Mercy Aigbe Used Borrowed Wedding Reception Dress For 40th Birthday Photoshoot, Her Designer Maryam Elisha Called Out By New Benin Bride

Nollywood slay Queen Mercy Aigbe and her designer have come under heavy fire for allegedly using the wedding reception dress of a lady for her 40th birthday photo shoot yesterday Monday the 1st of January 2018.

What a way to start 2018?

Mercy Aigbe was brought into this mess by Lagos-based celebrity stylist, Maryam Elisha, the founder of Rikaoto By Me.

She was supposed to deliver the above wedding reception dress to a Benin-based bride on Friday, but she delivered it late because she borrowed Mercy Aigbe the dress.

Though it was alleged that Mercy Aigbe intentionally requested to buy the dress but she told her, it was meant for a client.

The new bride however was shocked when she saw Aigbe in her wedding reception dress on Monday.

Here is what she posted on Instagram yesterday:

Whatever the case is, Mercy Aigbe should also be blamed for this mess.

You saw a wedding reception dress at your designer’s place and you instantly fell in love with it.

How will you feel if someone else did the same to you?.

Mercy Aigbe’s fans are currently blaming Maryam Elisha… What of Mercy who refuses to take her eyes off the beautiful dress.

As you see in the above photo, the bedazzled red dress was a bit too tight in the mid-section.

This is the designer who borrowed Mercy Aigbe her client’s wedding dress.

Maryam ElishaMaryam Elisha

What a way to get dragged on your 40th birthday?..

10 thoughts on “Mercy Aigbe Used Borrowed Wedding Dress For 40th Birthday Shoot, Designer Maryam Elisha Slammed

  1. That’s too bad. The bride must must not pay the 50% balance to the designer. How could she allow someone else to wear and take photo shots with another woman’s wedding reception dress before the owner had the chance to wow her own wedding guests? Mercy, enough of the greediness and obsession with staying atop of being a fashion icon. Your priorities should be shifting a little at 40. Extravagant clothes don’t make you a greater person – aso nla koni eniyan nla, as the saying goes in Yoruba language

  2. both of dem r very wicked nd stupid, Marcy nd d designer, don’t mind Marcy she want to copy her senior Iyabo Ojo

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