Mercy Johnson Pregnant Again: Actress Conceived 6 Months After Delivery, Baby No 3 On The Way

mercy johnson pregnant third child

August 19, 2015 – Mercy Johnson Pregnant Again: Nollywood Actress Expecting 3rd Child, Flaunts Baby Bump On Eviction Day Movie Set

Kogi Born Actress Conceived 6 Months After Delivery, Baby Number 3 On The Way

Less than a year after she delivered her second child, Henry Okojie in Maryland, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie has caught another belle flu from her “Superman”, Prince Odianosen Okojie.

Few days ago, Mercy Johnson stormed the set of Eviction Day, a movie produced by Vitus Nnebue with a growing baby bump.

Because of her condition, colleagues reportedly pampered her accordingly.

A Nollywood insider said Mercy Johnson’s new pregnancy is close to 4 months.

mercy johnson pregnant 3rd child

The source said Mercy Johnson conceived around April when her son was just 6 months.

She is set to make history in Nollywood. With this conception speed, the Kogi-State born diva go soon reach dozen mark.

Congrats to her.

47 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Pregnant Again: Actress Conceived 6 Months After Delivery, Baby No 3 On The Way

  1. Haba that is too much wat happen 2 birth control haba mercy u go school o try and act like one atlesat one year b4 taking in is ok but 6months jes that is serious na so the thing sweet u reach?

      • There is no education in conception, so many married couples are looking for it today. Keep ur mouth shut if u have nothing to stay.

  2. Congrats Mercy! I really admire your braveness in handling this situation and I thank God for your fruitfulness. There are bunch of wealthy barren women, whom, if wealth were to be exchanged for children, would gladly let go of any of their properties just to conceive.
    Wishing you a safe delivery in advance in Jesus name amen.

    • thanks @Alaskaya, really dont knw why pple are talking rubbish, there is no education in conception its a thing of decision, i gave my kids 6 months b4 taking in until i had 4 of them and am relaxed nw taking care of them.Mercy knw wat to do if she doesnt want d pregnancy.

  3. I can see you all are blaming her ,,,what do you care or is she your wife .For God sake she is someone’s wife and her husband like it like that so don’t drink panadol for someone’s headeach abeg o

  4. I believe y’all are the illiterate ones, for God’s sake we are in the 20th century if the woman wants lots of children let her be pleasssse a beg una mind ur own business

  5. Congrats Mercy! Let your critics keep on abort theirs every month or space theirs each after 100 years. Urs is no one’s biz. criticisms can’t feed ur children neither can it pay dia sch fee. Afterall when you were single, u knew how to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
    Education or without, if God doesn’t favour a woman, she can’t be fruitful like you. Wishing you a safest delivery ever!

  6. Congratulations to princess Mercy Johnson Okojie, May the Lord of mothers (OLORUN AABIAMO ORUN) protect the elders one and empower you on the 9months journey, you will not deliver to death on your due day in Jesus name(AMEN)
    for any one who is seeking for the fruit of the womb overthere, I decree in the mighty name of Jesus christ be fruitful in Jesus name, I remove that stop over that is delaying you to concieve in Jesus name(AMEN)

  7. My dear kudos to you and your lovely husband,don’t mind them,some are even wising to be you but is not possible.God is on your side my dear.keep doing it as long as you are productive.
    Some of them out there cant even make babie due to the kind of life they lived in the past. CONGRATULATIONS wish u all the best

  8. Abeg, re u guys d doctor dat conducted pregnancy test..even b4 tym Mercy didn’t ve a flat belle, xo is it nw shes given birth to two children dat she wil? Stop poknosing in people’s affair

  9. BIG Congrat Mercy my dearest.. may GOD preserve your marriage from evil men and envious eyes mostLY from NAJIA BLOGGERS and CO

  10. my sis from another mother abeg carry on.after all u are with ur husband and is not complaining he is taking care of the children.God give so take am with all ur mind he will help u and u will deliver safely

  11. That’s right she is pregnant for her husband and why should ppl take panadol for someone’s trouble. For that matter it is not a trouble. I love u my dear and we know that God will let u deliver safely in JESUS mighty name. Our God will make the necessary provision for u to take care of yr children.

  12. Contract mercy ! I did same too in my early days in marriage and I am really enjoying my marriage and home right now that the children are all well grown

  13. At least she is better dan Tonto, na her hubby she get belly for not all dis rumor carriers,plz mercy u have said is only 4 u need, rush dem,so u gave enough tym to concentrate better,but plz be a star wit a difference if na only dis dem go talk about u is a good news, plz keep loving ur hubby,and any one who touch u by mistake will die by correction

  14. i appreciate those who supported her; like seriously ‘m with you guyz and for those who criticize her all of them are smelloo and wouldn’t blame them coz they use straw for theirs as usual, Sweet sist. don’t mind them jawe

  15. To those blaming her, it is nobody’s business. I am happy for her. The conception is mutual. She has a husband she loves and the husband has a wife he loves and can’t keep his hands off her. If she were to be married to any of you criticizing her, I bet she would have had up to 4 kids by now. She and her husband are educated, she has a career that is sustaining the family and if they decide to have a dozen children it id no ones business.
    Congrats Mercy.

  16. Whether intended or accidental is no one’s business. Go girl hope you soon reach the magic number you are looking for

  17. if u see mercy for film u go know say she b full time ashawo wey no dey carry last for man prick…..y wont she b pregnant jux six months after her last child when e b say man prick sweet her pass sugar…#ashawo kobo-kobo….

  18. i pity those of you insulting her………she and omoni oboli, omawumi are wise women…….pls mercy go and keep birth to your american citizen before the law changes………….and forget this crazy people in this website………2 american born citizens and another one on the way…………….what else would one ask for………..atleast she would not struggle to pay her school childrens fees in the university…….they would have a job at age 18………..bring dollars for her…….mercy carry on……… know what you are doing………..nigeria and other african countries are still going to be third world counries by the time your children will be 50yrs

  19. What if the conception was a mistake and she decided not to abort it? No contraception is 100% safe. Why are we so quick to judge and insult people? Some of the bad comments are from unmarried people who don”t even have an idea of a home. Don”t worry, your time is coming.

  20. my dearest, congrat 2 u n ur hubby. Dis is wat many women are looking 4 n God gave it 2 u witout struggle. There is notin u do dat people will not talk, let dem talk, talk is free. I wish u safe delivery in jesus name, Amen.

  21. The fruit of the womb is a reward says the scripture.many are seeking for it but can’t have many buy,some through expensive ivf,etc.since she is priviledged to have it,let her be! Is not an issue of bieng educated or not.

  22. Show them pepper some #nollywood actress who can’t stay in marriage talk more of conceiving.
    I really love ur courage,,,, can’t wait to see the pictures of ur third issue on net. Enjoy ur marital life #gumdrop# n my #cuppycake#

  23. When u ar pointing one finger at somebody, remember 4 is pointing back to u. Many of u who is insulting mercy johnson; calling her illiterate, is u people dat is illiterate bcos number one u people cannot even speak currect english, mind u if u don’t like good things u will never get dat good things

  24. If u are point one finger at someone, remember 4 are pointing back to u. Some of u who are calling mercy johnson illiterate; is u people dat is illiterate bcos u people can not even speak currect english. Who so ever dat don’t like good things will never get good things.

  25. Mercy..i love u..don’t leave ur life for fans…everyone is entitled to his own life..but this who are jobless waste their looking at people and remain at one point and who they are talking about is going up..why they are falling Dow talking like parrots

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