Meriam Ibrahim Released From Prison: Death Sentenced Overturned By Appeal Court Today

meriam ibrahim released

June 23, 2014 – Meriam Ibrahim Released From Prison: Sudanese Woman Sentenced To Death Freed

Meriam Ibrahim’s Death Sentenced Overturned By Appeal Court Today

OMG guys! We thank God for delivering Meriam from death by hanging.

Do you remember the Sudanese woman who gave birth in prison few weeks ago?

Here is a recap… Meriam Ibrahim was jailed last September for refusing to renounce Islam after converting to Christianity.

She was sentenced to death by hanging for Apostasy.

Today, Monday the 23rd of June, 2014, an appeal court in Sudan ordered her released immediately after overturning the death sentence.

Meriam Ibrahim was set free this afternoon after close to a year away from her husband.

Our God is a good God. Thank God for her freedom… Thank you Lord.
We are so so happy for this good news.

Thanks to Facebook fans and visitors who spoke out against her death sentence and a special thanks to all of you who signed her petition. Love you guys.

37 thoughts on “Meriam Ibrahim Released From Prison: Death Sentenced Overturned By Appeal Court Today

  1. I’m not a christian, am a muslim I have followed this story from day one and I want to give a big shout out to the appeal court for overrullling the conviction.
    Now I can sleep a bit. My heart has been pounding for Meriam especially her 2 kids and disable husband.

    media pls keep doing your work. U have contributed immensely to Meriam’s freedom.

    • We give God the glory! Good comment Karim and I sincerely believe that you are a good personal who is full of good compassion towards humanity irrespective of their religion!!!!

  2. @ author I don’t kia if u’re a muslim or christian I sincerely love your heart

    meriam pls leave Sudan immediately

  3. Thank the Lord for all his works. Our lord has done it again. God is good all the time. Praise him for saving this courageous woman’s life. May he continue to guide and protect them and those who believe in him.

  4. wow blessed be unto the name of the Lord..i organized my people to pray for her…PRAISE GOD

  5. God has finally answered our prayers! Glory be to his holy name, sister Meriam ur faith has set u free surely u are serving a living God.

  6. Good news run away from sudam immedately to stay with ur husband in usa or go to ur mother country,just a crosse over to ethiopia.

  7. wow i am overwhelmed to hear this news i thank you lord for serving Merriam Ibrahim’s life,May your name be prays in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. This is the way God does his things.Just imagine that they can marry and convert someone to Islam but it becomes an abormination for one to marry a Christian.
    See muslim,see religion.Reliion GBAKWAA OKU

  9. Me & family are d happiest people 4 dis great victory. God is indeed faithful & awesome, may His Name alone be magnified 4ever & ever.

  10. Truely God is so good,wen we cal upon him in tym of problem he ans us.i thank God 4 ur life n dat of ur family,and 4 dis single act of love, neva u 4get ur creator

  11. good news at last,i’m happy for meriam, well i will say she was a very strong woman no matter what she went through there but she still hold on to her fate so i will say this is an example to all christians don’t give up keep pushing and the almighty God will arise for ur sake.God u toomuch thank u.

  12. So so happy for this news! I checked online everyday to see if the no of petition will be met before the end of this months it looks like its impossible. Thank you Jesus. Surely she will be living Sudan for assylum status in America all thanks to family research centre in [email protected]

  13. Am so glad to hear this news, moved to tears, thank u jesus, I rearly comment but dis iis a touching story, thanks to every heart that said a prayer for her freedom. Glad for u dear

  14. why did naijagists deleted my comments???? i said God is good and i also sign the petition in Sweden. or is it a crime i signed the petition? please never delete my comment again.

  15. Truly’ this is to show you the entire world and the Islamic set that Jesus Christ is LORD when he say yes nobody can say no, be watchful because his coming is near’ the great day’ in which you will rip all what you planted if you like destroy and kill every soul BEWARN A DAY IS COMING REPENT NOW SO THAT YOU WILL BE SAFE. O’LORD MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH. AMEND.

  16. ‘JESUS CHRIST’ yesterday, today and forever. The lord that answered by fire, He will be my God. Thank you so much most high God, You have done it again. Pls my dear Karim, good comment, good heart, but u need Christ in your life to attain eternal life. Christ is the way, the truth and the life, no one cometh to the Father except through him. Pls convert and become a Christian for eternal peace in this life and hereafter. A word is enough for the wise.

  17. This lady was so adamant she refused to renounced Christianity despite all she went through in the prison. She has seen the light she has been a Muslim and now a christian she knows the difference between the two. With all what is happening in the world now especially Muslim populated countries if there is anyone doubting Christianity as a religion of you really need to think twice. Christians are peaceful! Christinity is a religion of PEACE!!! He who has ear let him hear

  18. I bless d name of d Almighty 4 dese news. Truly Jesus is d way, d trurh n life… Serving a living God. Congrats on ur heritage Sister!

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