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Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016 In Advance

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Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016 In Advance

merry christmas 2015

December 25, 2015 – Merry Christmas 2015 & Happy New Year 2016 In Advance

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas day! May love, success, luck and friendship come knocking at your door throughout this Christmas season.

Each moment in a day has its own value. Morning brings HOPE, Afternoon brings FAITH. Evening brings LOVE, Night brings REST.

May this Christmas season bring you all of the above.


Check out these interesting Christmas quotes

“Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas. All else is outward display-so much tinsel and decorations. For it isn’t the holly, it isn’t the snow. It isn’t the tree not the firelight’s glow. It’s the warmth that comes to the hearts of men when the Christmas spirit returns again.”~ Anonymous

“Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” ~– Oren Arnold

“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given-when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.” ~ Joan Winmill Brown

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” ~Calvin Coolidge

“I sometimes think we expect too much of Christmas Day. We try to crowd into it the long arrears of kindliness and humanity of the whole year. As for me, I like to take my Christmas a little at a time, all through the year. And thus I drift along into the holidays-let them overtake me unexpectedly-waking up some fine morning and suddenly saying to myself: “Why this is Christmas Day!”” ~David Grayson

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” ~ Burton Hillis

“This is Christmas: not the tinsel, not the giving and receiving, not even the carols, but the humble heart that receives anew the wondrous gift, the Christ.” ~Frank McKibben

“Please to put a nickel, please to put a dime. How petitions trickle in at Christmas time!” ~Phyllis Mcginley

“I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.” ~Harlan Miller

“This is the month, and this the happy morn, wherein the Son of heaven’s eternal King, of wedded Maid and Virgin Mother born, our great redemption from above did bring.” ~John Milton

“Let Christmas not become a thing Merely of merchant’s trafficking, Of tinsel, bell and holly wreath And surface pleasure, but beneath The childish glamour, let us find Nourishment for heart and mind. Let us follow kinder ways Through our teeming human maze, And help the age of peace to come.”~ Madeline Morse

“Christmas begins about the first of December with an office party and ends when you finally realize what you spent, around April fifteenth of the next year.” ~P. J. O’Rourke

“Christmas is not just a day, an event to be observed and speedily forgotten. It is a spirit which should permeate every part of our lives.” ~William Parks (Missions)

“You know you’re getting old, when Santa starts looking younger.” ~Robert Paul

Even before Christmas has said Hello, it’s saying ‘Buy Buy’ ~Robert Paul

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

“Best of all, Christmas means a spirit of love, a time when the love of God and the love of our fellow men should prevail over all hatred and bitterness, a time when our thoughts and deeds and the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.” ~George F. McDougall

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  1. PapaJ

    December 25, 2015 at 4:59 AM

    I can’t believe this site is this long, where have I been on this planet.
    I want to say a very special thank you to the anonymous brain feeding us with all these important stories.
    Love from PapaJ Australia


    December 26, 2015 at 1:35 AM




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