Miracle Baby: Woman Gives Birth After 4 Years Pregnancy

4 years pregnancy

Feb 14, 2014 – Pictures: Woman Pregnant For 4 Years Delivers A Baby Boy

MFM Church Members Delivers After 4 Years Pregnancy

Whether you believe it or not, miracle still happens in this world of ours.

A woman who suffered 15 painful miscarriages conceived miraculously in 2010.

According to her daughter, she is a prayerful woman and a member of Mountain of Fire and miracles ministry, MFM.

She got the shock of her life when her first ultrasound revealed nothing. Though she felt the back kicking, the doctors said there’s absolutely no baby in her womb.

After 4 years of going from one medical hospital to the other, she miraculously delivered a healthy baby boy on the 9th of February 2014.

Read her daughter’s testimony below:

Am so full of joy….I was born in 1995 after I was born till 2010 my mum have had 15 miscarriages, she got pregnant again for the 16th time…we were all happy because the pregnancy pasted the miscarriage months little did we know the devil had a bigger plan.

The pregnancy pasted 1year, 2years, 3years…we went to different hospitals but scan couldn’t see nothing but my mum kept saying the baby was kicking, it wasn’t easy for us.

My mum is so prayerful as she is a strong MFM member…this kept me wondering what really was the problem but I kept believing that one beautiful day it will all be over..i never stopped smiling and praying for her, we went to different churches in different states in nigeria but we never for once visited any herbalist or fetish place because we are strong Christians.

miracle baby 4 year pregnantThe miracle baby

My mum automatically became slim beyond recognition. This years wasn’t easy at all as people said so many things,some said she has HIV,some said it wasn’t pregnancy,some said it was python but we remained strong as a family and continue to have faith in the Lord because we believed one day it will all be over and behold our faith made us whole on sunday the 9th of February 2014.

The 4th year of the pregnancy my mum gave birth to a bouncing and complete Baby boy…God proved himself ,he gave of victory at last…People from all works of life have been coming to see our miracle..it wasn’t easy for my mum not even for my dad or me But today we are proud that we never gave Up. At last I have a Junior Brother!

Stories like this Proves that GOD is Real!

Congratulations to the family.