Monalisa Chinda Admits Rita Dominic Is No Longer Her Friend

rita dominic monalisa chinda fighting

Oct 20, 2015 – Monalisa Chinda Admits Rita Dominic Is No Longer Her Friend, Hopes To Have More Children

Nollywood actress cum talk show host, Monalisa Chinda has opened up on her past feud with Rita Dominic.

In this exclusive chat with the entertainer, Monalisa Chinda admits that her relationship with Rita isn’t the way it used to be.

Hear her:

“Rita Dominic and I are not at loggerheads. We just drifted apart and she is still my sister. We went to the same school. I do not think that anybody should have a permanent enemy or a permanent friend. As you grow up in this big industry, your interests start to differ and that is just what happened.”

On future marriage plan:

“I love the whole concept and idea of love. I am open to love and marriage that would work. Marriage is always a better option and I love to be loved. I hope to have more children because I had always wanted to have three children. Three is just perfect but it depends. I can never go back to my ex-husband but we maintain a cordial relationship because he is the father of my child. He speaks to his child whenever he wants to.”

6 thoughts on “Monalisa Chinda Admits Rita Dominic Is No Longer Her Friend

  1. I was tolding pipul say Monalisa is a wenting persin but they was not gree. Now they are see. Ordinary bicos she was beg Rita something and Rita no gree, so Monalisa come de carry face like iron wey them nak hammer.

  2. Make pipul no de fight quorel bicos when you are dies and is stand make God jojj you, na wetin are you say? So make we love bifor we fight.

  3. Fooling woman, u can never go back to your ex husband… and Rita Dominic is no more your friend, but she was your friend before and NOW she is no more your friend.. That tells us that you girls have snatch each other husband… Because i have never heard where someone have a friend and wake up one day to say she is no more my friend..There must be Snatching or fight between you… I am so sure u have fuck each other man… Foolish people, i have lost regards for Nollywood babes long time ago…

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