Monalisa Chinda: My New Husband Loves My Daughter Just Like His Own Child


monalisa chinda new husband loves daughter

August 20, 2017 – Monalisa Chinda: My New Husband Loves My Daughter Just Like His Own Child

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda who found her missing rib, childhood friend Victor Monye Coker last year has finally set the record straight on the controversial statement she made about African men last week.

When Sunday Scoop reached out to her to find out what actually prompted her post. She said;

“Beyond how a man looks or what he has, what is more important is how he treats a woman. Men are rarely advised on how to treat women in a relationship; most of what you see is advice to women. I just decided to give the men some tips that would do them a lot of good if they follow it.”

Speaking on what convinced her that her husband was the man for her, she said;

“I found that I was at peace with him. He is God-fearing and has a good relationship with his family. I also always like to be in his company, and I knew it deep inside me that I had found the one. He loves my daughter like his own child and she feels very comfortable with him as well. Of course, there were a couple of other things I looked out for and the good thing was that he surpassed all my expectations.”

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On the lessons she learnt from her past marriage, she said;

“Don’t let your emotions becloud your judgment; you have to use your head at all times. I believe I’m a humble person and I don’t have any problem admitting it when I’m wrong. I have also learnt to be patient and not make hasty decisions. In all, marriage is a lifelong training ground so you learn every day. It is important to understand the person you’re in a relationship with; know their likes and dislikes and that should guide your conduct, so that you wouldn’t have issues.”