Mother Who Named Her Baby Messiah In Tennessee Ordered To Change It “The Only True Messiah Is Jesus Christ” – Judge

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August 13, 2013 –Mother Who Named Her Son Messiah In Tennessee Ordered To Change It “The Only True Messiah Is Jesus Christ” – Judge

A woman named Jaleesa Martin who named her baby boy Messiah in Tennessee has been ordered to change the name to Martin.

According to a judge ruling in TN, the only true messiah there is is Jesus Christ.

“The word ‘messiah’ is a title, and it’s a title that has only been earned by one person, and that one person is Jesus Christ. And the child would likely struggle with his given first name because he lives in Cocke County, a predominantly Christian area in eastern Tennessee”, the Judge said.

The mother who claims she named her son messiah said she did it because she likes the sound of it and not for religious purpose.

Jaleesa named her first and second born Mason and Micah.

She has vowed to appeal the judge’s order.

18 thoughts on “Mother Who Named Her Baby Messiah In Tennessee Ordered To Change It “The Only True Messiah Is Jesus Christ” – Judge

  1. messiah is a title feet for one only because he is true the savior of the whole world, are you born again receive Jesus as your savior today tomao might be too late.

  2. there was a jesus in the book of acts of the apostle barjesus was his name but not the Christ meaning Messiah meaning the anointed one of God. so you can name people Jesus but there are not the Christ.

  3. The judge is right no one can be named messiah only Jesus Christ himself bares that name. I remember telling one of our local artists who named himself messiah to stop and look for different name.

    We can play around but not with heavenly names. Be careful.

  4. She is not the only one to name her kid that name. Though I do not believe anyone should name her kid Messiah, there are over three thousand people named Messiah in the US according to statistics from the Census bureau. What about the Mexicans who name their sons “Jesus”, those named “Mary”, the moslems who call their children “Mohammed”,? etc. I think the judge does not know the constitution well-“the separation of Church and State. Either she is one of those who bribe their way through law school with either money or herself to get the law degree or she is playing to the ultra right wing conservatives.

    • am agree with you ,na ignorance they worry those that were complaning you rae free to use any name you want for your child

  5. That name is strong name bcos Jesus Christ is the only messiah she have to that name with immediate effect.

  6. Hmmmmm…. Pls dnt be misled GOD CANNOT BE MOCKED…. Gal. 6:7. The woman shld ask wht happend 2 those who tried 2 mock God; people like Thomas Andrew d builder of Titanic and say dat not even God can silk it, Chritine Hewitt say dat d Bible (Word of God) is d worst book ever written, Maryline Munroe told pstr. Billy Graham dat she dnt need his Jesus. And so many of them dat tries 2 mock God. Ask hw they end their lives.

    • I’ve seen Latino and Hispanic families use the name “Emanuel”…meaning “god with us”…the name Messiah is not any different…not that everyone should give the baby these kind of names; but when one does it ain’t much wrong with it

  7. What is wrong in calling yo child messiah? After all some people even call their children God.Yes there is only only 1 Messiah who is Jesus and that is not about to change just because a child is named afetr him

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