Muna Obiekwe’s Burial & Lying In State Photos: Late Nollywood Actor Buried In Umudioka, Anambra

muna obiekwe burial photo

Feb 3rd, 2015 – Muna Obiekwe’s Burial, Funeral & Lying In State Pictures: Late Nigerian Actor Buried In Umudioka, Anambra

One of the most popular actors in Nollywood, Munachisom Obiekwe who went home to be with the Lord last month has been laid to rest.

A procession held earlier today in his home town of Umudioka in Anambra, followed by lying in state.

Though no lavish funeral ceremony held for him but his colleagues gathered together to remember the actor shortly before his entombment.

See more photos from the burial below

See photo from his lying in state below… VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED

The actor is survived by a wife and two children.

Adieu Muna Obiekwe.

Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.

88 thoughts on “Muna Obiekwe’s Burial & Lying In State Photos: Late Nollywood Actor Buried In Umudioka, Anambra

  1. Muna, when i heard about your death i was nearly fainted but what ll i do, it’s God’s doing, all i have to say is RIP bcus i dont know my own day and time.

  2. There,s nothing like RIP,its either he ,s in heaven or hell. How he lived will determine where he,ll spend eternity forever. Nothing on earth is worth it except Jesus. Let,s be careful how we live our lives cos your time may just be Now!!!!!!!

    • Very correct,. ….life on earth is a complete waste of time without Jesus,…so it’s either you end up in Heaven like God planned,bc you are in Christ..or Hell with out Jesus, when’s it’s lights out.

  3. It’s so so sad dat u ar gone,, Muna****i enjoyed watching ur movies during ur tym in Dis crazy world***I vividly Rememba D first movie I saw U on****Titled, Not Man Enough****Yuh whre so exceptional…..D way U played dat role made it luk u whre referring 2 me……D list of ur remarkable character nd achievements is 2 numerous 2 mention*****Gud nyt Bro***

  4. Its not all about were one was buried as much as ensuring that one was in peace wit the LORD before dying……REST in PEACE my LEGEND @ MUNA

  5. tewasee or whatever ur name is i don’t know but GOD knows. I know u’re from d pit of hell-i mean there’s no conscience in you, for u to be critcising the dead even at the point of death. I have nothing to say to u other than u still have time to mend ur ways ’cause i see u have few yrs ahead. What u don’t know is definetly deeper than you-cursing one who had long been sick who had d oppportunity to have reconciled with his creator while u don’t know what’ll be ur fate in the next few seconds. I’m not a regular critic on this page but i’m sorry for u if u don’t quickly retrace ur steps. Don’t ever assume d place of the Almighty neither try to teach HIM HIS job or u’re doomed forever. May d soul of Munachimso Obiekwe and d souls of all d faithful departed, through the mercy of GOD rest in perfect peace amen.


  7. Store up for urself treasure in heaven so dat ur heavenly father will rember u when d end comes.RIP muna.may ur gentle soul rest in peace (Amen)

  8. But is it compulsory to write on internet?Can’t someone keep quiet instead of allowing yourself to be condemned by almost everybody? Can’t u respect the dead for God’s sake? Was this guy not somebody’s son,brother, husband,or dad?Can’t we put ourselves in those people’s shoes when they are mourning a loved one for God’s sake. Where is the affection the Bible expects us to show one another. Who a hell is this Tewase or whatever he calls himself. Am sure if they dissect his heart, it’s stone they will meet there not flesh.Why is he so heartless for heaven’s sake? Can’t you leave the dead to rest and wish after the journey of this wicked world? Is everybody not still going at the end of everything? Tewase,even if the dead offended u,can’t u find a place in your heart to forgive him? Do you know the type of death u are going to die?I never met this guy one on one but i pity him.
    God Almighty will strengthen his family and give them the fortitude to bear the loss in Jesus name. Amen.May his gentle soul rest in peace Amen.

  9. chidinma u beta read and understand he is not judging him, one day every body will leave this world and give account of his /her life so chidinma if u have not given ur life to Christ beta do it now, there no time.muna has finish his work here on earth so he is to face judgment.

  10. I enjoy Muna’s acting tremendously. I did not know my Brother in Christ passed on. My deepest Condolences to his immediate Family and loved ones! This is my first time leaving a comment. I believe the Lord has found Favor with our Brother and Muna finished his race. Please know Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus that the unrighteous find joy in pointing out negativity in others so their faults won’t be recognized, we must forgive them because they are unaware that they are being mind-controlled by a demonic spirit. The Word of God says, ‘ Do not say who is going to hell and do not say who’s going to heaven because we do not know…” Just be sure your soul is right with the LORD OF LORDS so you’ll know where you’re going. Because the Lord is so merciful, People can be saved at the last minute (that’s up to the Lord), because ONE day to us is 1,000 years to the Lord (2Peter 3:8), so can you imagine what a minute is in God’s time? Also, choose your words carefully because the words, thoughts, desires you have for others is what the Lord will return to you (Galatians 6:7-8)

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