Muyiwa Ademola To Nigerians: Celebrate Your People While They Are Alive Not When They’re Gone

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June 20, 2016 – Muyiwa Ademola To Nigerians: Celebrate Your People While They Are Still Alive Not When They’re Gone


Hnmmm… Unconsciously, we are all guilty of this. Why do we celebrate people more when they are gone ? I personally never wished late Stephen Keshi a happy birthday on my IG page but gave him a tribute during his exit,we are all guilty !

Same goes for Alfa Lati, a dear friend and colleague who passed 2 days ago and even my very pleasant sister, Rita Kosoko, OJB etc.

A little attention/happiness/celebration could have probably elongated their lives. Though I have nothing against those tributes but please let’s celebrate one another while alive as well. Celebrate me now, appreciate me now, send me that car gift now, give me that money now,hug me now, correct me now,spank me now … I pray for long life for us all but only ONE person owns tomorrow; THE GOD ALMIGHTY!

A Yoruba adage says “Bi a se pejo sinku, ti a pa pejo duro ti alaare bee, o seese ki omaku” (A dead might live long if the kind of attention given during his funeral was given during his sickness).

It is a trend that should be cautioned especially in the entertainment industry.

Remember, we are guilty and we can all be guilty as tommorow might never come, do it now

8 thoughts on “Muyiwa Ademola To Nigerians: Celebrate Your People While They Are Alive Not When They’re Gone

  1. Authentic, you are very very correct, eniyan o sunwon laye, ojo a ba ku lan dere, meaning people are not well appreciated when they are alive until they are dead. May God help us to do the right thing at the right time.

  2. I keep ringing this to all and sundry. It is a misplaced priority that we Africans especially Nigerians tends to celebrate the Dead than the Living.

    We need to adjust this attitudes. Its unfair.

    I take a stroll…

  3. It’s throughtful word, GOD you Mr Muyiwa Ademola, I normally called him ( the true son of Yoruba land ), thank GOD you also write on this and i believe you are also taking good part on your own side to care for those who are in need of help be it financial and physical, especially the less privilage and those who are on sick bed instend of spending much money on birthday part or useless items.

  4. True well done for saying this. You are correct. Sort of selfishness then when gone they want to show off. I planned to celebrate my dads birthday soon before he go and then i go to celebrate his burial how stupid.

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