Muyiwa Ademola Under Fire For Using Quran On Movie Set In Ibadan

muyiwa ademola use quran movie set

June 15, 2016 – Muyiwa Ademola Under Fire For Displaying Quran On Movie Set In Ibadan

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola is currently on the set of a new movie titled Ajolaye in Ibadan.

He is under fire from some of his Muslim fans for allegedly displaying the Holy Quran on the production set.

See what some of his fans are saying about the above movie set photo.

23 thoughts on “Muyiwa Ademola Under Fire For Using Quran On Movie Set In Ibadan

  1. I don’t think this is a bad idea. Alfa why not wait till the movie is released. Anyway, the movie looks promising. Authentic Alfa weldone.

  2. Easy people. Dont turn this in to ALL Muslims already. The two identified “Muslims”, usually no nada about religion when they get provoked over unnecessarily things. I can guarantee you they have no knowledge of the religion. Merely display of Quran doesnt hurt anyone nor does it call for schism. It is only problematic if it is inappropriately displayed like in toilet etc.

    It seems to me these dudes would get upset if they see Quran displayed at Oval Office at White House. Olodo people

  3. na their palava. so if they Christians they wld finished nollywood producers for using bible to act.

  4. Dis moslems sef! Small time to even read this koran for inside film will be an offence. I tire for these mugu Arab slaves oh!!

  5. I have no idea why some people are so fanatic with no tolerance when it comes to Islam or Quran. Muyiwa Ademola was recently voted best Yoruba actor in 2016, yet some crazy religion fanatic can not differenciate between acting and reality. The most surprising thing is that the actor himself is a practicing Muslim. When dumb religion fanatic defense their gods like their gods are dumb, dead, and not existence, it baffle me what is going on in their heads and minds. I will forever serve a living God who is God Almighty, and our God is always in the business of fighting our battles for us, and not the other way around. He is God of Abraham, Jacob and Issac. Religion stupidity or intolerance is the reason why Boko Haram terrorists are killing innocent people both good Muslims, Christians, and non religion Nigerians. They hide under the umbrella of Islam to commit horrific crimes like raping, killing of woman, and little sinless and innocent children aND destruction of properties. Brother Muyiwa Ademola, please ignore their stupidity and carry on. I’m also interested in the movie title.

  6. i think some muslims are now acting stupid. you never know the character he exhibits in that movie. when they act as pastors in movies, you guys dont talk and now you blowing shits around.

  7. am now seeing all muslims as dev**, using quran in a movie is nothing anyone who complain of, muslim religions of fanatics are sick in head

  8. God bless you @ Metu & Omokehinde.
    The major problem with Nigerian muslims is that they are more muslim than the Arabs themselves.

    In the whole Universe, there‘s only just one book that‘s Holy: THE HOLY BIBLE.

    I dont have any regards for a book that encourages its believers to see any other religion apart from what it represnts as enemies and they stand to receive great reward if they kill such a person/people.

    The Holy Bible preaches Love and also tells us the Mind & Will of God for us. Not to go shed some innocent blood to please God, our God is not vampire pls. Any book that encourages violence to me is satanic and not of God.

    I take a stroll…


  10. How could you be accusing all muslims for what two people says, don’t you people have any brain at al, anybody can express his or her own feelings on how he felt about something it doesnt give you the guts to call all muslims devils, slave of arabs or ignorant. You simply put it right by saying they shoudn’t take it too far since they didn’t use it for any despicable act or put it where it shoudnt be after all we are nigerian. Everybody have freedom of speech but mind how you speak about others religion. MUSLIMS, CHRISTIANS, TRADITIONS And whatever religion you believes in know we are all brothers and sisters and we cannot do without eachother. WE ARE ONE.

  11. amanda, d hunter,danti/ metunyetu, egberri, omokehinde, bokemsolajide,,omo efe,betty,,, all of you that i mention your names your head currect? is your head alright? you are the kind of people that bring conflict in nigeria ,,,,,una just dey talk lyk shit,,, instead of una to reconcile d matter wey dey 4 ground now na so so shit una just dey pour from una dirty mouth,,,,,,rubbish all dis religion crysis worst pass dem boko haram,,,,,n we the youths are starting point of all this…..islam is peace not terorism

  12. u all are cawords….something dey worry una 4 head,,,,,is holy quran a playball pitch or does it look lyk a story book where u can buy a story books lyk;;;; things fall apart;;””’ etc,,,,,ve u ever see a hausa movie 4instands with a reveren father dress lyk 1′ with a real bibble with him??????? u dnt do things intentionally n pretent u r tryin to keep peace islam its self is peace…..plsss lets be 1 n stop religion crisis coz it start lyk dis<follow me @ taneesha bin saeed @ facebook

  13. Some of those that commented above ******dey even call the holy book AL Quran an empty book and call we muslims devil, u guys dnt kny anytin simply bcos ur heads ar paining u, u beta watch ur mouth and knw wat to say cus Islam is a religion of peace and Al Quran is our holy book and wen they said sumtin is holy u knw wat it means so think twice b4 u comment on any post, a word is enough for the wise

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