NG Fan Sheds Light On HPV Virus Infection & Viruses Causing Cancers In Humans


viruses causing human cancers

Feb 15, 2016 – NG Fan Sheds Light On HPV Virus Infection & Viruses Causing Cancers In Humans

HPV is a type of virus among many viruses implicated in cancers. Other examples include, HBV(hepatitis B virus), HCV(hepatitis C virus), cytomegalovirus, Epstein Bar virus, etc. The latter three viruses are culprits for liver cancer and one can contract them via normal sex, blood transfusion or exchange of body fluids from the carrier to a non-carrier. So, you see, oral sex or no oral sex, you aren’t immune to cancer. The major concern is that any kind of sexual practice outside the norm increases the possibility of transmissions of STIs.

For the cancer caused by the virus in question, throat cancer is one of them. Others include; cervical cancer and genital/anal wart(scarring/hardening/roughening of the vagina, penis and/or anus)

Cervical cancer results from infection of the cervix(mouth of the womb in a woman) through sexual intercourse with an infected male partner. Genital or anal warts are also transmitted through the same means. Women who smoke cigarettes, or have multiple sexual partners or girls who became mothers at very early age are at very high risk of coming down with the above cancers.

One does not only stand the chance of contracting oral HPV which could result in throat cancer but, also stand a very good chance of having other throat diseases(oral thrush) by way of oral sex.

All these nyamanya STIs(sexually transmitted infections) are consequent upon INFIDELITY or carelessness.

The Ladies, please go and test yourselves for HPV infection. You will be cured if the infection is at its early stage. If you are free from the infection, go get vaccinated just like Nnebaby has already mentioned HERE. The vaccine protects you for life.

HPV caused the cancer(cervical cancer) that ended the life of a respected woman from Anambra state before her time.

Please try and read further on STIs.

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