Nigerian Actor Benson Okonkwo Picks Wedding Date, Debunks Gay Rumour


benson okonkwo wedding dateBenson with Mercy Johnson on movie set

August 16, 2013 – Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo Picks Wedding Date, Debunks Gay Rumour

UPDATE: Benson Okonkwo alleged girlfriend has denied any relationship with him.

In a recent update, Emelda said Benson is using her to cover up his controversial lifestyle…#lobatan


Nigerian actor Benson Okonkwo who became a controversial figure after acting as a gay man in Pregnant Hawker movie is set to leave the single zone.

Come December, Benson will take his longtime lover, Emelda Emells as his wife.

In a recent interview the actor who said he hails from a good Christian home claims he has courted his girlfriend for over 7 years.

Though he hasn’t revealed the exact wedding date in December, insiders claim Benson Okonkwo will be getting married before Christmas.

He also took his time to address the gay rumour that trailed him following an explicit scene from Pregnant hawker.

Benson said he’s a straight man.

He has released the photos of himself and his fiancee to further counter the gay rumour.

Check out some photos of Benson Okonkwo and his fiancee Emelda below:

benson okonkwo wedding

Benson and fiancee