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Actor Hanks Anuku & 10 Ghanaian Actors Arrested In Accra For Shooting Robbery Movie Without Permit

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Actor Hanks Anuku & 10 Ghanaian Actors Arrested In Accra For Shooting Robbery Movie Without Permit

hanks anuku arrested

July 28, 2015 – Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku & 10 Ghanaian Actors Arrested In Accra For Shooting Robbery Movie Without Permit

Last Thursday, Nigerian actor Hanks Anuku and 10 other actors were arrested in Accra Ghana for causing panic during the production of a new TV series titled “Night Scenes”.

According to eyewitnesses, motorists alerted police on hearing gunshots around 3am on Spintex Road in Accra.

A series of distress call were put through to the Police Control Room in Accra. Motorists and residents informed police that a gang of robbers have blocked the road, firing and robbing road users.

Police officers were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Those picked up by police were Hanks Anuku, George Adu Badu, Joseph Heisk, Ivy Bentum, Adjetey Roberta, Elu Heaka Mensah and five other cast members of the movie.

ghanaian actors arrested accra ghana

They were accused of shooting the movie of such nature without permit.

This is what Accra Police spokesperson said about the alleged robbery,

‘These people did not have any permit from the lawful authority and went ahead to willfully obstruct public way and hinder the free passage of persons and vehicles, as well as causing fear and panic,’ he said….

They were briefly detained and released few hours later.



  1. RAPO

    July 28, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    You see, this is the reason why Nigerians are hated all over the world. How could you have gone to a country that is not for your fathers amd monthers and go and start shooting without working permit, resident permit and nothing.. it’s a total disrepect to the Ghanean goverment and a disgrace to these Illiterates actors and actresses who lack code of conduct… Infact Ghana should deal with them….. Ghaneans are tired of We Nigerians they have been saying it.Rubish you thought you where in Nigeria where no law and other works.. Can’t you people also shoot in Nigeria. By the way how did you people smugle the guns into Ghana? Cows….


      July 28, 2015 at 6:10 PM

      @RAPO, Try get your informations right before drawing conclusions on matters especially that has to do with issues of Ghanaians hatred against Nigerians. First of all, Hanks Anuku is now resident in Ghana permanently and not a visitor as may be construed. Secondly, Hanks Anuku was simply invited to be part of the film as he happens to be the only Nigerian among them. The company, the Directors and Producers of the film are all Ghanaians and there should be no reason why Hanks Anuku should be made the sacrificial lump Headline news item in a matter that involved 10 other Ghanaians including the Producer of the film, in a case that has nothing absolutely to do with Hanks Anuku. Eventhough Nigerians are known to break laws of their host country arbitrarily but exceptions should be made of the likes Hanks Anuku who commits no offence but rather made a scapegoat in a country that constantly exhibit xenophobic behaviour against Nigerians. Ghanaians as well commit crimes in Nigeria as well but never will any Nigerian publications targetly single out Ghanaians for Headline news ever. Ghanaians do this regularly and constantly especially against Nigerians just to reinforce their negative tagging of all Nigerians as criminal minded people. Question is; are Ghanaians saints, is the biggest Stock Exchange hacking of New York Stock Exchange 6-Billion Dollars not perpetrated by a Ghanaian called Adoboli.? Nigerians should be circumspect being too critical of themselves because Ghana is a small country but their international crime records are as well very stunning. Ghanaians are no doubt very envious of Nigerian successes in all sphere of human endeavour and that’s the pettiness with which Ghanaians approach their hatred for Nigerians.

  2. chemical

    July 28, 2015 at 5:17 PM

    shame at u at RAPO. u blaming one man out of eleven men. wat about the ten ghanians who should av known better. hanks anuku has no fault. the ten ghanians shuld b blamed as dey shuld av known their law better dan a stranger

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