Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Tours The White House, Meets Obama [PHOTOS]

kenneth okonkwo white house

April 19, 2016 – Nollywood Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Tours The White House, Meets Obama [PICTURES]

Nollywood actor, Barrister Kenneth Okonkwo was recently honoured by some Nigerians in Washington DC with an invitation to the White House.

Kenneth who was privileged to meet ‘President Obama’ and tour inspiring places at the White House on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 said the visit is a dream come true for him.

He is planning to write a book on his 20 minutes tour of the White House soon..Check him out..

We learnt Mr Okonkwo met Obama but his camera man forgot to snap their photos.

Chai! What a costly mistake… Naija for show **wink wink**

21 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Tours The White House, Meets Obama [PHOTOS]

  1. We see that you went to the white house but the meeting obama part is beyond you
    so mr Okwo be real and stop living a fake life

  2. If pussy cat went to London to see the queen going to the White House to meet President Obama is quite possible. I’m considering that dream myself. Will give you an update. Congrats brother Okonkwo!

  3. He went to the White House all thesame. @ Yvette.
    Though, he met an empty, lonely and quiet white house.
    Big ups, its not easy sha.

    My strolling continues..

  4. Is only Yvette weyris sabi something for here. Yvette, I not know how to say this your name o. It want to make me bite my tong. Which kind of name be this sef? But you get sense shaa. Keneth is lie say he see Obama but he no even see Obama boxers wey he put make sun dry.

  5. Good for him, for his camera not have snapped barrister with Obama is indeed a costly mistake or all Naa for mouth?


  7. This is really funny! Kids go to the white house, anyone can go on a tour of the white house. It’s not an achievement biko. It’s only someone who sees it as such will start snapping lonely pictures in a house full of security.

  8. Really? Which White House? Well it’s nice to dream. White House is not for visitors. The fence is. That is the nearest you can get.

  9. Nice one kenneth.
    But 2 be sincere here he went 2 d white house but 4rm all indication he was unable 2 meet obama.
    Dere is no way his camera man will forget d most expected desire 4rm both d actor and d camera man.
    So i call that one a CAPITAL LIE

  10. He try sha some people only take a pic with a common celebrity in USA but will want to kill us with their over sabi. Okonkwo you try even if you no meet obama or your photographer forgot, you would have photoshop one with him to proof your point,HahHAhA naija will kill me

  11. when did he go? ‘cos the 1st family is currently getting ready for their trip to the UK….Queen’s bday and other events…

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