Nigerian Actor Set Ablaze On Movie Set Finally Speaks

nigerian actor burnt alive movie set

August 2nd, 2016 – Nollywood Actor Set Ablaze On Movie Set Finally Speaks

See excerpts of Ani Iyoto’s recent chat with Diamond Magazine

nigerian actor set ablaze on movie set

Did you encounter any injury at all?

Ani Iyoto: None at all. I’m perfect. The makeup was handled by Dorothea Kwofie and she’s the best in Nigeria. She assured me and kept in touch for months with Hollywood practitioners to achieve that stunt. She’s really good.

But did the extinguisher worked?

Ani Iyoto : Actually we had 5 of them, a fire service truck, water from a stream, an Anti fire suit, and anti fire gel rubbed all over me. Plus there was sand by the road side… beach sand. Only one of the extinguishers failed.

We worried more about the video and not the photos. The video is very real, why did it take you so long to reply?

Ani Iyoto: Many did. I’m trying to respond to all. My phone wasn’t turned on or with me.

While we are on it, we put no blame on the actor, but we can only say, wow! at what people can do for publicity. But tomorrow, if sure a thing happens for real, we may also take it as a stunt.

Watch the stunt video below

8 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Set Ablaze On Movie Set Finally Speaks

  1. Our guys are getting better by the day. Thumbs up.

    If only 2Face had come in contact with this makeup artist prior to the video of his If Love is A Crime, it would have been better.

  2. Let me breath down. I thought it was real. My God, it was just some make up and drama. Thank God oo, Nollywood is growing.

  3. i think it high time i start believing comments on naijagists…. it has been said earlier here that it was a stunt but i disagree based on the video… Nigerian movie industry is really moving forward except for their newly 18 video type

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