Nigerian Actress Liz Anjorin Blames Intolerant Pastors For Her Conversion To Islam

nigerian actress liz anjorin converts to islam pastors

January 12, 2018 – Liz Anjorin: I Converted To Islam Because Over 10 Churches Rejected My Mother’s Corpse For Burial

Liz Anjorin Blames Intolerant Pastors For Her Conversion To Islam, Says Muslims Supported Her During Mother’s Burial

Controversial Nollywood actress Liz Anjorin has not stopped her unusual business promotion strategy.

The hard working filmmaker who is now dedicating more time to market her new clothing store went back the memory lane on Thursday to the time of her mother’s burial about 5 years ago.

While defending her decision to convert to Islam, Anjorin said her mother became a Christian because some churches helped her when she was homeless and when she eventually died, some pastors rejected her corpse for burial.

Her words:

So she converted to Islam because of sentiment… What a way to change one’s faith.

20 thoughts on “Nigerian Actress Liz Anjorin Blames Intolerant Pastors For Her Conversion To Islam

  1. you are not serious, you just confirm my opinion of you.
    must you insult anybody while making a point. You are just full of crap. If you like convert to all the religion in the world that is you own cup of tea.

    • I agree brother, she is pointless and as a matter of fact, she is using her dirty talk to promote islam. Cheap girl

  2. Must you insult anybody while making a point Lizzy Anjorin, try to come down from your horses, don’t be too arrogant sis, this life is a free World, you can change to any religion, if you like, after all, there is a freedom of Religion.

    God bless Nigeria..

    I take my stroll now…

  3. INSPITE OF THE FOOLISH decision she made upon injury of losing her mom to the cold hands of death, she came to social media to shamelessly to advertise it.
    On judgement day you will tell God that you backslided from christianity to islam because of your mother‘s burial, nonsense.

    Which is more important, how one was buried or WHERE one‘s soul go after death? Mumu.

    What about scores of fulani terrorist‘s attack that were given a mass burial? What about people killed at war or by mudslide or accident victims that were burnt to death or people who got drown at Sea and were eaten or swallowed alive by Sea animals and were never given any special burial?

    I take a stroll…

  4. In the first place, you did not know Jesus as your personal saviour. You have no body to blame.

    You left light to join darkness. At the end of your life here on earth, you will know the truth bitterly.

  5. What’s the problem about? Is it her conversion to Islam or the way she responds. Leave the innocent lady alone and focus on your own business. Nobody would ever talk like this if she had converted to Christianity so, please, if you really have works to do, spare her.

  6. I am not a fan of anybody out there – either in nollywood or anything like that. This is fact of life. It’s no sentiment as the commentator up here did insinuate. If you had grown up with the little of her story i read, you would have reacted in a worse way. Any reasonable person tends to stay where help comes during hard times. If its indeed a fact that some people acted the way she mentioned during her Mom’s burial, plaease don’t EVER blame her!

  7. If you think that Christianity is intolerant, wait until you begin to see beheadings and slaughtering of human beings under the name of Islam. Your mother’s corpse was probably rejected because she didn’t belong to any church while she was alive, so why expect to be accepted in death if she did not embrace the church during her lifetime? Not that that really matters, it is where one’s soul ends up after transformation from living to dead that matters. Remember Moji Olaiya, how she ran her mouth in defending her choice to convert to Islam, saying that you only needed to pray directly to God and bypass Jesus. Who else in the world died for sinners without ever having sinned himself? Who else was nailed to the cross and hanging by his flesh tearing through his palms and feet, bleeding to death in excruciating pain and suffering? Religion is not by compulsion, but please, show respect. There’s no need to justify your reasons for choosing one religion over the other, we are all accountable to the one Creator – Jehovah, on the day of Judgment. Let us hold our peace and live in harmony. Lastly, it is not the label of religion that matters, when we breathe our last breath, can we say we lived a life worthy of emulation? What will the dash on our tombstone (John Doe 1900 – 1940, for example)say about our sojourn on earth, from the date of birth to the date of death?

    • God bless you Lola for these your words of wisdom. I pity Lizzy. Her father is a Christian yet she chose the way of perdition. I pity her life.

  8. Please as Christians let us watch the way we quickly judge others.we Christians are too full of righteousness. Let’s pick some points from what she has said and adjust our lives. Leave whoever is going to heaven or hell to God. Let’s show love to everyone irrespective of religion.

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