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Nigerian Baby Girl Born With Cleft Lip & Hole In Heart Needs N2.5Million For Surgery..Please Help

nigerian girl born with cleft lip

Nov 4, 2017 – Nigerian Baby Girl Born With Cleft Lip & Hole In Heart Needs N2.5Million For Surgery, Please Help Adigun Oluwadasimi Grace

Please Donate To Save The Life Of Adigun Oluwadasimi Grace

Adigun Oluwadasimi Grace is 1year old. The parents live at 3, Shiek Avenue, Iba New Estate Ojo, Lagos. .

Grace was born with a cleft lip and also a cardiologist confirmed a health diagnosis When she was two weeks old, that she has a heart problem:a ventricular septal defect (VSD)—a hole in her heart. “In Grace’s case, her heart has to work double or triple than [what] it would work normally, so if Grace is growing up and the heart is working faster, it may stop someday because it won’t be able to respond to this abnormality. She is experiencing a fast and difficult breathing, recurrent fever and cough.

nigerian girl with hole heart

Although her parents have known about Grace’s condition since when she was just two weeks old, they’ve never been able to raise the money for the open heart surgery and the necessary medical care. Instead, she is currently on anti-failure drugs that will enable her benefit from cardiac surgery.

At her last medical checkup, in August, the cardiologist recommended a quick open heart surgery.

The doctor explains, she cannot stay alive without this surgery since the anti-failure drugs is no longer effective. The parents had no other option than to solicit for your financial support for her open heart surgery.

Adigun Oluwadasimi Grace

She needs at least ₦2.5Million to enable her go for the surgery.


Please kindly send your donations to:

Name: Adigun oluwadarasimi Grace
Bank: Zenith bank
Account No- 2050816161
You can call or visit the parents on 08095650097 07089613955, They live at 3, Shiek Avenue, Iba New Estate Ojo, Lagos

Thank you for your compassion.

Your generous donations will go a long way to save the life of baby Grace

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Goodness

    November 4, 2017 at 8:46 PM

    These are the people Christians should “pay” their tithes to God through, and not these already wealthy pastors. I’m not another Daddy Freeze, I mean, we should help the really needy ones with our resources, through that, we’ll be blessed. There’s no blessing in paying tithes to a wealthy Church while a baby like Grace suffers. But you’ll be blessed more if you take care of “one of these…” (as the Lord put it), and leave the pastors to earn their living like the Apostles did.
    Whether you tithe or not, God will take care of you as the birds of the air and fish of the seas don’t tithe but the Lord takes care of them.
    But…Love your neighbour as yourself and save a life today…

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