Comedian Basketmouth Attacked Over Rape Joke

basketmouth rape joke

January 5, 2014 – Nigerian Comedian Basketmouth Attacked Over Rape Joke

The richest comedian in Nigeria, Mr Bright Okpocha is about to get a serious set back following what sources called a stupid joke he made this morning.

Few hours ago, comedian basketmouth took to his social media pages to crack a joke that seems funny in the beginning but towards the end, it turned bitter.

The joke was about white girls vs African girls dating. Towards the end of the joke, many fans argued that the comedian actually encouraged rape.

Most of his fans think the ‘stupid’ joke might lead to the termination of his multi million naira deal with Globacom.

Moments after the joke went viral, the popular comedian apologized and assured fans he will never encourage any form of violence against women.

Comedian Basketmouth has made name for himself in the comedy industry with international concerts platforms and anchored gigs that included the likes of Joe, Boyz II Men, Sean Paul, Wyclef Jean, Kool & The Gang, Akon, Dru Hill, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Chris Brown and many more.

Read the joke below:

He has since apologized for the careless joke.

See his apology letter:

20 thoughts on “Comedian Basketmouth Attacked Over Rape Joke

  1. What were you thinking bro. This joke is too expensive for your industry no wonder they call u basketmouth

  2. You are very high basketmouth when saying this bad words rape,not a joke,dont you or any comedian use this words as a joke very bad.

  3. I dont see anything bad in dat joke. As a comedian i think you are free to joke over anything, but since you’ve already apologized to them well its okay, but i’ll still say that i see nothing bad in that joke

  4. That is just a joke & i have heard it before now,Anyway real men do not rape only animal & cowards do if u have a animal 4 a boyfriend pls dont make it to d 9th date or avoid such people bcos there may be some truth in what he said.

  5. Ya i believe u man real men apologises fo their mistakes bt take it hard when crossed BM i hail u fo swallowing ur pride am ur fans foeva

  6. All d sam, its stil a joke but comendians shud watch wat dey say nd knw wen dey cros d line, lik dos of dem dat lik usin God 4 nonsens joke BE WARNED!

  7. pls dis joke was misunderstood Basket Mouth is nt asking d men to Rape D Ladies.wat he ws trying to say is dat after d whole treat and spending of money n the lady still refuses d guy frm hving sex wth her d guy will force himslf on her and it will lead to Raping her.He is jst trying to say dats wat n mst Nigerian men Do.pls he is not in any way encouraging RAPE.

  8. expensive joke kwa? ppl tell much mre dirty jokes dan diz, 4 me de joke funny die no malice in d joke, naija gals n dia ignorance, abeg carry on ur ministry we de ur back, #IsuikwuatoKwenu

  9. @Ebony, u & i r d only ppl dat rily undstud dis joke here with me having a slight variation… I dnt even blv evry date shld end up in sex let alone rape.

  10. It is still a joke. After all, it does not have to do with men of God. Some of them goes to the extent of using men of God for jokes which is more destructive than the above joke.

  11. I don’t know the kind of brain most ppl who comments on this site carry. If u have nothing to say keep that nonsense mouth of urs SHUT.. must u comment on every single article u read here.. If Bright’s apology is not accepted, then get TFOOH..

  12. All of u saying somtin is wrong wit d joke I think ure all sick….comedians wud mk joke wit God n His name n most of u wud open ur big mouth n laff witout condemning it…nw una hear Rape evrybody dey quote…RUBBISH,Basketmouth I hail jor.

  13. We all know its a joke, why are u people acting like chickens. Common people, don’t kill the spirit of this young man. He said sorry, so let de sleeping dog be.

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