Nigerian Man Who Met Wife At Mexican Restaurant In Georgia Shares Love Story & Wedding Pictures


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Feb 9, 2015 – Nigerian Man Who Met Wife At Mexican Restaurant In Georgia Shares Love Story & Wedding Photos

As we get ready to celebrate Valentines day in 5 days, a cute couple based in the United States of America have shared their touching love story.

Read the beautiful love story of Nigerian man Anthony and his wife Ayanna below and check out their proposal and wedding pictures after.

How We Met

After four years of attending Georgia Southern University and living in the same city, it was an unplanned meeting at La Parilla Mexican Restaurant that introduced Anthony to Ayanna.

After a long day at work, Ayanna was invited by her co-worker to join a group of her friends for casual Mexican dinner and fun night out. Normally, Ayanna would have chosen to head home and curl up with a good book, but something in the back of her mind urged her to “live a little.” It also doesn’t hurt that her favorite food is Mexican.

Ayanna arrived at the restaurant and searched for her party but didn’t see anyone she knew. She did however, recognize two familiar faces at the bar that she couldn’t place. Unbeknownst to her, she was staring her future husband in the face. Anthony was sitting at the bar with his best friend when Ayanna walked in. When he saw her he thought to himself “She’s Gorgeous”. Eventually, their mutual friends arrived and the two were introduced for the first time.

Following their first encounter, Anthony and Ayanna bumped into each other at two separate events in less than a weeks’ time. Anthony being a big believer in fate, made his move during their third encounter and asked Ayanna for a date and her phone number. Luckily, each of their previous encounters had given Ayanna a glimpse into Anthony’s genuine and caring nature so she happily agreed.

Anthony hoping to show Ayanna a great time selected upscale Italian restaurant, Pricci for their first date. His restaurant choice was the perfect icebreaker because neither of them were huge fans of the fancy cuisine. That night conversation flowed and sparks flew! At the end of the night, Anthony asked Ayanna, “When can I see you again?” and he continued to ask at the end of every date until he finally asked her to be his wife.

It was truly destined for their two paths to cross. And, they both agree that this match could only be the work of God and his angels.

Happy married life to the cute couple!

[Photos courtesy of Fotos By Fola]
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