Nigerian Military Officials Planning To Take Over Buhari’s Government Arrested

nigerian military officials overtake buhari government

May 21, 2017 – Nigerian Military Officials Planning To Overthrow Buhari’s Government Arrested, Others Declared Wanted

The Nigerian Army have begun an internal search for soldiers and officers suspected to be engaging in political meetings, a top military source has revealed.

The source told Sunday Punch that some arrests may have been made, but that the information was being kept as top secret so as not to add to the public tension.

Some other sources who spoke to our correspondent on Saturday also noted that the establishment of an army unit in Daura, Katsina State, on Friday, named Muhammadu Buhari Forward Operation Base, by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, was an effort to fortify the president’s hometown and a public pledge of loyalty.

On Tuesday, Buratai, in a tense language, had warned officers and soldiers to steer clear of politics, as information had reached him that some officers were involved in political meetings for “undisclosed reasons.”

The army chief had advised officers and soldiers interested in politicking to resign from the service, as any officer caught would be severely penalized.

Three days after the alert (Friday), Buratai went to Daura, where he inaugurated the army unit, and paid a courtesy call on the Emir of Daura, Dr Faruk Umar.

The details of the meeting have yet to be known.

The army chief, at the ceremony, had said the establishment of the unit was to enhance security in parts of 1 Division, which Daura town fell under.

Also, the Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, said, “The establishment of the new unit was part of the implementation of the Nigerian Army approved Order of Battle 2016 (ORBAT 2016) by the Army council.

“Prior to that, the COAS was also at the Palace of his Royal Highness, Alhaji Faruk Umar, the Emir of Daura, for a courtesy call.”

The top army source said the army knew quite well the weight of its statement on politicking soldiers in the country and had already followed up with high intelligence-driven search, adding that the public groups and civil societies could not be more rigorous than the army.

Other sources told our correspondent that some of the suspected political meetings were held under the guise of some of the recently redeployed 147 soldiers and officers, allegedly trying to familiarize with their new hosts.

When contacted on the measures the army was taking on the alert of soldiers hobnobbing with politicians, the army spokesman, Usman, said the army was a professional service, and would not hesitate to brief the public if it considered the information as necessary.

He said, “The army is a disciplined and professional service. We relate well with the Nigerian public. When there is need to disclose information, we will.”

Security has also been beefed up at the Federal Capital, Abuja to prevent any unrest. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) officials, it was learnt, have been holding meetings keep it safe from any attack.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Military Officials Planning To Take Over Buhari’s Government Arrested

  1. Pay close attention to Brig.Gen.Sani Usman, he has the aura of a good coup plotter. Whenever I watch him, I see the Babangida of old; underestimate him at your own risk!

  2. for only daura una fit fortify..1500 police was deployed to ibb daughters wedding last week…open new barracks around all the emirs in the of all should be considered and not a particular bloc

  3. If army rule, we are die. When they was rule bifor, we was die. If they are rule again, we are die again. Is a notional filomina.

  4. The present Buhari has been shutting the loop holes to corruption but people in government with Buhari are the one giving our president a tough time because they want to continue with corruption. Am not saying Military is the option, but if they can kick out all those in both House of Assembly and House of senate and handover power to new era of young talented politicians with good vision and intention to move Nigeria and Nigerians forward Economically, I will be in support of that. What are they doing in the two Houses mentioned above that make them worth a salary of 24/26 million per month. We can not continue ruining our country like that. The problem with we Nigerians is that we always want things to happen on a plater of goal which is not always possible, the politicians know the masses problem and once the masses have been scared they will stop the rally even some governors are not worthy to be elected as governors base on corruption. The school leavers I mean the graduates are still depending on parents for daily meals while some useless politicians are taking millions, billions illegally, infact we need to have a change of attitude towards the way we are rulling Nigeria. Formerly we use to say the worst political regim better than the best military regim but nowadays, reverse is the case. Just a pitty Nigeria found itself in wrong hands of the Nigerians who have never love it as a nation to prosper.

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