Nigerian Navy Officers Who Can’t Swim Will Not Get Promotion

September 19, 2016  – Nigerian Navy Officers Who Can’t Swim Will Not Get Promotion

Naval officers who cannot swim will not get promotion, naval authorities have said.

Outgoing commandant of the Nigerian Navy Ship, Quorra (NNS QUORRA) Commodore Francis Isaac said this during a farewell parade organised by officers and men of the school at the weekend.

Isaac explained that the directive was recently issued by the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ibok Ette Ibas.

“Vice Admiral Ibas recently promulgated an order that all personnel must be able to swim and acquire proficiency certificate that they can swim and it has become a criterion for promotion.”

The navy had, in 2014,commenced a compulsory training in swimming for its officers and ratings across the country.

The force had earlier expressed surprise that majority of its personnel in both senior and junior cadres do not know how to swim.

The force said the move at instituting mandatory swimming for its service members was germane to reduce potential accidents and personnel casualties during operations.

The authorities of the force said it would sustain the training programme until all service members and trainees’ are adequately trained.


10 thoughts on “Nigerian Navy Officers Who Can’t Swim Will Not Get Promotion

  1. I AM equally surprised to learn that naval personnel do not know how to swim. That shows how they have been recruited not on merit, but on nepotism grounds.

  2. it is only in Nigeria I heard that a navy, army officers cannot swim, shame to you all, what kind of country is Nigeria, a navy officer cannot swim, what then does he know? shameeeeee.woeeeee unto you

  3. Yes! God don catch them. Not only swimming for promotions, they must be able to go under water and carry out naval activities. They must be able to tell us how deep is every river in the country and kind of assault boat to be used in case of emergency. Mental laziness is a big problem in this country!

  4. That should not be a topic of discussion. The Naval authority should have made that first requirement during enrollment. This should have been implemented long time ago. Anyway it is better happening late than never.

  5. Hahahaha…hahahaha.
    Are you serious ?
    So some of our Navy staffs are not papi-water and mami-water ?
    But why ?
    Hahahaha. ..Hahahaha. ..Hahahaha!
    You gonna be kidding me !

    Anyway, that’s story for the gods because they will Find their way back in. I don’t blame you guys, is because you don’t practice what you signed up for.

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