Nigerian Pastor Conducts Matchmaking Service For Singles In Warri Church, Promises To Sponsor Mass Wedding


nigerian pastor conducts matchmaking service warri church

July 21, 2017 – Nigerian Pastor Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Conducts Matchmaking Service For Single Men & Women In His Church In Warri Delta State, Promises To Sponsor Mass Their Wedding

A very bold Pastor in Warri has tackled the issue of loneliness among the singles in his church head on.

Jeremiah Fufeyin, the founder of MercyLand Ministry in Warri Delta state over the weekend called out a lady and asked her if she was married. The lady said no, he then asked her if she wants to get  married, the lady said yes.

He then ordered her to go around the auditorium to see if she sees any man she is interested in marrying. After the lady’s effort to find a suitor failed, Pastor Fufeyin said there is a mark of the devil upon her.

He then extended the same offer to all the singles in his church by asking them to match to the fron and line up. He told the ladies to stay behind the men they would love to marry.

His words:

He later promised to sponsor the mass wedding of the would-be-couples.

Check out the video below

Funny man… Do you think this is a good idea?