“Nigerian Soldiers Ran Away From Boko Haram” – Freed Chibok School Girls Speak


May 4, 2014 – “Nigerian Soldiers Flee On Sighting Boko Haram” –  Freed Chibok School Girls Speak

Pictured above is Comfort Bulus, a 16-year-old lady among the 234 school girls abducted by Boko Haram terrorists few weeks ago while writing their WAEC exam in Chibok.

She is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape when the truck being used to convey them broke down.

In an exclusive chat on 99.3 radio talk show, Comfort Bulus’s uncle, Yahi bwata said she was writing her WAEC examination when the terrorists attacked the school.

Here is an exclusive detail of what happened on the day Boko Haram abducted the school girls.

When the Boko haram people arrived in Chibok, the security men/army people called their boss and commander in BIU and they were told that they should face them but if the boss said “if you know that their weapon is stronger than your own, run for your lives.

So when the security men saw that their guns were no match to that of the boko haram people, they ran. The Boko Haram people burnt the house of the chairman local government of Chibok, houses and so many shops, they burnt down the school building.

Before kidnapping the female students writing their WAEC, they asked the girls for where the boys were but they were told that it was just an only girls school.

This thing started at 1am and lasted till morning, this thing happened for over four but no one could do anything. Most of them were wearing army uniforms and their guns were superior….

I spoke to one of the girls that escaped and she said the first set escaped when the Boko haram vehicle broke down on the way to the bush….the second set of girls that escaped said the driver of the van advised them to escape…they said he said “as I’m passing under the trees, if you get mind, you better hold a tree branch and jump down oh….”…so that was what the few of them that were bold enough did and they even sustained injuries….three ladies that escaped later said they ran away when they were asked to go and fetch water”

[Interview transcript provided by Kemi Filani]