Nigerian Woman Forced To Marry Paralysed, Shrinking Cameroonian Man Who Healed Her


nigerian togolese forced to marry shrinking man helped her

December 2 ,2017 – Nigerian Togolese Woman Forced To Marry Cameroonian Man Paralyzed After Healing Her Of Strange Disease In Benue State Village In Bizzare Ritual To Appease The gods [PHOTOS]

The viral photos of a newly married couple which hit the social media today is real.

A fan who sent us more photos of the couple earlier today said it happened close to her village in Benue state, Nigeria.

The groom, a Cameroonian is said to be a powerful hunter who healed the Nigerian-Togolese lady of a strange condition she was born with.

The source added that the guy was not like this before he took up the case of the lady out of compassion which sadly brought him bad luck.

Since then he has been shrinking in size.

The family of the lady in question reportedly forced her to marry him for fear that her ailment might return.

The source said the lady can’t remarry until the death of the shrinking guy.

She will have to endure the forced marriage for now due to fear of being plagued with the strange ailment she was born with.

“She will have to carry him as her cross until death do them part. The wedding is a form of ritual to appease the gods” – the source added

So sad!!!