Nigerian Woman Who Delivered Quintuplets In California Needs Help To Pay $20,000 Hospital Bill

nigerian woman quintuplets california broke

May 13, 2016 – Nigerian Woman Who Delivered Quintuplets In California Broke, She Needs Help To Pay $20,000 Hospital Bill

Mrs Ifeoma Nnamani who delivered her 4 children at Providence Parazana Medical Center in California is seeking financial help from Nigerians and Federal government to help her clear the $20,000 she incurred on her children.

Nnamani travelled to the US on referral after losing one of the babies during delivery in Nigeria because of complications.

“With the help of a Reverend Father in “the United States (US), we were linked with the hospital where I delivered the remaining four babies in California. After the delivery, many people in the Diaspora that got the news rallied round us and through the help of an insurance company and some other individuals, my babies stayed in the incubators. But because of their medical concerns, the support we were receiving could not match the debt incurred”.

“My children spent two months in incubators, last year. For every day, we were billed 300 dollars. We still owe the hospital $20,000. This is why we are begging the government and Nigerians to come to our aid.” – Mr Nnamani said

Her husband, Nnaemeka Nnamani lost his shop to a mystery fire four years ago and since then, he has been with no source of income.

His wife said taking care of the children has not been easy.

Contributions can be made to the FirstBank account of Mrs Utoh Nnamani Ifeoma with number 3021277563. She can also be contacted on 08033481255 08037461445,

Mrs Nnamani said there babies were discharged and allowed to come back to the country after an undertaking to settle the bill.

12 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Who Delivered Quintuplets In California Needs Help To Pay $20,000 Hospital Bill

  1. Help must surely come in Jesus name..
    d lord who sees u pple throughout dis time will surely do d remaining.

  2. Madam, Congrats!
    If it is $5 you have, pay every month. But know that the kids cannot claim citizenship if you don’t pay your bills. Don’t even think of visiting yet, immigration will not let the kids into US. Since 9/11 things have changed, America don’t joke with foreigners anymoreIt is a pity, Nigeria lack good medical facilities. God will provide

  3. By their U.S law any child born in the U.S soiled even to alien parent is an american so please ask their adopted country to come to their aid.

  4. It means if she had to deliver all the babies here they may not have survived I think.

    The FG should pay up the bills out of the recovered loot out of which they are using to train about 800 boko harams on skill aquisition programes whom they claimed to have granted Amnesty and the Senate and Law-makers are silent about.

    It will be a slap on the FG of Nigeria and people that our very own blood is highjacked in a foreign land just bcos of a meagre $20,000.

    I‘m sure this family even voted for buhari cos they also thought like everyone else that they were votin for a PROGRESSIVE CHANGE not knowing its gono turn out to be a RETROGRESSIVE ONE whereby a litre of FG petrol pump price is N145. While other countries that depends on Nigeria for petrol are buying theirs below N50.
    May God help Nigeria.

    I know PMB may not want to hear anything about this cry for help bcos the family in question are not muslims.

    More also, they are not his people, the fulani herdsmen.
    The problem with voting for a particular politician in a particular party is that when they win, the electorate is often left, forgotten and abandoned.

    I take a stroll…

    • A little bit of rubb**** from you, President Buhari is a good man and kind-hearted person,and for all he is the president of all Nigerians irrespective creed or religion.keep your **** to ***. ******

  5. Didn’t you know u were going to have four babies when u decided to have your children in the United stated? Why are you bothering people who had their own kids here in nigeria to come to your aid? Na so una go dey Find trouble up and down!!!

  6. @ bokeem pis read d story very well b4 u commen biko. God will surely sent an helper to you.

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