“Nigerian Youths Are The Saddest People In The World” – Int’l Youth Foundation

nigerian youths saddest world

April 6, 2014 – “Nigerian Youths Are World’s Number One Unhappy People” – Int’l Youth Foundation

“Nigerian Youths Ranked Most Unhappy People In The World” – Int’l Youth Foundation

According to a recent survey put together by IYF, International Youth Foundation and CSIS (Center for strategic & Int’l studies), Nigerian youths have been ranked world’s #1 most unhappy people.

The Youth Wellbeing Index released on the 4th of April, 2014, interviewed youths from 30 different countries between ages 12-24 years old using 6 aspects of their lives.

Nigeria ranked last in education in the countries surveyed; 29th in healthcare only better than Uganda; also ranked 29th in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT); came last in providing safety and security for its youth; 27th position in the area of economic opportunities for youth and 17th position in citizen participation.

According to the survey, Australian Youths are the happiest in the world.

9 thoughts on ““Nigerian Youths Are The Saddest People In The World” – Int’l Youth Foundation

  1. This is what badluck Jonathan has brought this country
    I urge these youths to embark on a bloody revolution as they did in ghana
    Elminitate all the corrupt politicians and take over

  2. I read this piece and this song came to my mind “parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow…” and I asked myself some simple questions “where are the children who sang this song, are they the leaders today or these same parents they dedicated this song to are still the leader?” It baffles & saddens me when I see survey like this. The likes of Zik, Awo, Ahmadu Bello, Gowon, Balewa, M. Mohammed, Ironsi, Ojukwu etc took charge of d country in their 30s, though we can’t compare then to now but that will still not leave out the fact that Nigerian youths have been rendered powerless, hopeless & thereby making them one of the most unhappy in the world. #passersby#

  3. This what Nigerian Scammers do to they country. People are sad because everybody hate Nigerian over the scams. Better laws should be executed and many good people would be happier.

  4. My belle o o o, I need help o o,laughter is cutting me up with blunt knife,kai!,chei!,mama mu o o.I beg lemme take painkiller for my aching head before i read more of this joke.No wonder !!! .Ma Prince David of naijagists.com,you no kill red with your tori,e no go work for you,some of your tori na written laughing gas.I don die o o.I will be back .

  5. Naija is a country dat thr is no hope for youth,when i finished my sch i stay @ naija for 2yrs without seeing job even i get anoid nd i start looking for 12thousand naira job,can u blv dat i cannot find it,i move 2 ghana nd i start my life over thr,but now i make like 2500 naira perday,naija no hope for youth infact we dnt have good leaders but i thank God for my life now.

  6. Blue fool is beta dan ur name, Jonathan or nt Jonathan nigerian problm didnt strt 2day dats wat all nigerian shud knw despite dat he’s nt tryin

  7. @ikegod is true nigeria is worse frm olding days,nd we always pray for our country still no change,what shld i call dis its over population my pples or what do u thk?

  8. There are people in the world today…big leaders(or so they are called) and they have an agenda for a new world order. It is all over the internet, so educate yourself. Part of the agenda is to curb the population especially in poor countries where we can’t seem to do nothing but pop out babies like pop corn machine. Nigeria is one of the biggest problems in this area, so how else to create a Syria situation than by inciting our youth. When statements like this Nigerian youth anger news is distributed, they carry power whether you like it or not….and slowly but surely,something will give and chaos may ensue….in a way that brothers will kill brothers and the population will be diminished.

    OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOUR EARS. We pray that though our country has been going through tough seasons since independence, the rock of ages will breathe sanity into the system, continue to expose the looters and inspire men and women of integrity to serve and repair Nigeria.

    We should have been Africa’s #1 economy from day1 and a G10 economy by now.

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