Nigerian,African Matchmaker In The Making: Single Fans Want NG To Connect Them

nigerian matchmaker

Feb 12, 2015 – Nigerian, African Matchmaker In The Making: Single Fans Want NG To Connect Them

So early this morning I posted a free for all article for lovers to connect this valentine’s day and since then I  have received over 22 personal mails from you guys looking for me to connect you with singles in your area.

It is a big job but I will do it for my fans.

Now let’s get started.african matchmaker

If you’re truly looking for love, you can find one here… O Yes.. absolutely positive.

I will post it here and hopefully, fans will get married this year.

I’m longing for that… If you’re looking for love, don’t hide it, just send me an email.

I will add salt and pepper to the post and make it attractive for your would be lover…

Remember send me an email, tell me what you want in a partner and tell me about yourself.

It will be edited properly and made available on the home page.

So guys am waiting for NaijaGists first marriage… Let’s make it happen.

I love matchmaking… I have done it for many friends and will do it passionately for my fans.  I love to make them happy…

Just send an email with your specification to and let’s see the miracle of love happen.