No Condition Is Permanent: UK-Based Nigerian Man Timothy Oladipo Tells Grass To Grace Story

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July 23, 2015 – No Condition Is Permanent: UK-Based Nigerian Man Timothy Oladipo Narrates His Grass To Grace Story

Take a very good look at the pictures to your left!
Yeah! That was me! Yeah! Timothy Oladipo fresh off the African boat (well plane) in my grand entry with shirt made out of pillow cases! in August of 1987!

The most pronounced and prominent part of my body was my head and the excited geeky smile that I touched ground in London Heathrow!

It was almost 2 months after this that I met my wife who was born and raised in England! Can I be honest with you now? I probably wouldn’t have married me seeing this geeky smile and what seemed like a hunger stricken body. Ah!

But when everything disqualifies me in the Natural sense (as in the packaging) Shola looked beyond the physical and saw the positive contents. A year after she said yes to me in marriage almost 27 years ago!

The dude to the right is what a lot would probably dream of as a husband material in our today’s world because society has taught us to not add value to life or relationship but only to go for the ‘refined’ ‘signed and delivered’ man or woman.

Hardly would any woman have said yes to the guy who’s life belongings and worldly wealth were put in a calendar bag! Oh No!!!(Does anyone remember those bags?). Oh no! Some would think I was not toshy or oity-toity enough, or even swaggy enough to be introduced to their friends!

What has befallen our world today? Why do we always desire the finished products? Why are more and more people no longer willing to strive and struggle to build a home together? I doubt if any other woman would have been able to carry the grace on my wife to put up with my inherent African madness, or my unrefined self before I get to where I am today… Mind you I am still very far from where I should be!

People please be reminded that the package may look wrong, but the content might be glorious… And the package may look wonderful and the content awful!

Chose today not for the world, but from God’s own perspective for you.

Marriage is not a child’s play, and you don’t get to chose only your favourable parts!

Every good thing requires sacrifice!

7 thoughts on “No Condition Is Permanent: UK-Based Nigerian Man Timothy Oladipo Tells Grass To Grace Story

  1. wow, i feel good! What makes a man is not his material acquisition, but his mindset. It is lazines that made some of our youths to look for already-made partner or wealth. It is hard to get those who see beyond now. I am inspired! This write-up is, to me, like energy drink. This testimony will make God to increase you. He who cannot remember where rain started beating him, can not remember where it stopped beating him as well.

  2. started well but ended up boasty..inherent African madness..wonder what that means..i call u woman wrapper married to a uk citizen born and bred.would hv clapped if only u hustled and made it.yeye de smell

  3. Hmmmmm advice for the single girls out there. Wait o i remember that Callender polythene bag.Are those bag still exist in the market?

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