“No Reported Ebola Virus Infection Among Nigerians”-Health Ministry Calls For Calmness

ebola virus nigeria

July 29, 2014 – “No Reported Ebola Virus Infection Among Nigerians” – Health Ministry Calls For Calmness

In a recent press conference in Lagos, Mr Jide Idris, the current Nigeria’s Health Commissioner assured Nigerians that Ebola virus disease has not reached Nigeria despite the death of a Liberian in Obalende area of Lagos last week.

Dr Idris said with an assurance that no Nigerian is infected with the virus.

He added that health authorities were being very proactive about the detection of the Ebola Virus in the Liberian by ensuring that all contacts were being actively followed.

Meanwhile, all the passengers on board the plane that brought the infected Liberian to Nigeria on the 20th of July 2014 are currently undergoing test to rule out Ebola infection.

8 thoughts on ““No Reported Ebola Virus Infection Among Nigerians”-Health Ministry Calls For Calmness

  1. Thank God o,nigerian are prayful citizen.mouka lazarus,enoch adeboye,kumuyi,oyedepo etc more prayer o

  2. All you need to know about Ebola Virus now:
    1. It is a Central African disease that has travelled over countries in a living host to West Africa. It is easily spread by physical contact and eating contaminated bush meat. Major hosts are in 5 species of Bats but monkeys and apes are easily infected and killed.
    2. It kills in a week, leaving no time to treat an individual.
    3. It has no known vaccine or cure.
    4. Known cases have been experienced recently in Guinea, Liberia and Central Africa Rep, spreading eastwards and westwards towards Nigeria. Death toll so far in West Africa is over 100.
    5. The Ebola outbreak of 2014 is the most challenging one witnessed in Africa.
    What we can do?
    1. Avoid eating any bush meat for now! Especially Apes and Bats.
    2. Wash your hands as regularly as possible, especially after shaking a stranger. It is spread by contact.
    3.The most straightforward prevention method during Ebola outbreaks is not touching patients, their excretions, and body fluids, or possibly contaminated materials and utensils. Patients should be isolated, and medical staff should be trained and apply strict barrier nursing techniques (disposable face mask, gloves, goggles, and a gown at all times). Traditional burial rituals, especially those requiring embalming of bodies, should be discouraged or modified. Awareness is key, don’t just read or ignore…spread this campaign before the virus spreads

  3. God know say the one at hand pass Ebola…BH…..bt to be honest…Africa or Nigeria in particular already dey immune to this kind sickness unless white people newly manufactured this….think deep to understand what i’m saying, just connect the puzzle.

  4. Any African man wey catch that Sickness was nt born and grow up in Africa. Oyibo know wetin them dey do…But God pass them…

  5. Thank God,if Govt,dont cover up this time.cos Nigeria have already so many problem same time, we dont need Ebola God.No Body travelling in and out to those west Africa country for safty reason,by air,sea and road close,for the time .normally is Central africa country disease.cos thire special or nr.1 meat is monkey any kind,to them is bush meat,majority have Ebola,now people travell and bring it to west africa,God is in control.

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