Nollywood Actor Alexx Ekubo Floors Nigeria Over Stable Electricity In Cameroon


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April 4, 2017 – Nigerian Actor Alex Ekubo Floors Nigeria Over Stable Electricity In Cameroon

The number two problem facing Nigeria after corruption is lack of stable supply of electricity.

When you have lived Nigeria since the era of “Up Nepa”, it will come to a point where power outage will be a norm to you but not until you experience stable electricity in another country.

This is what happened to star actor Alexx Ekubo who has been filming in Cameroon since last week with no power interruption.

According to him, it will be shameful for Nigeria to be called Giant of Africa if a country like Cameroon can boast of uninterrupted power supply to her citizens while Nigerians suffer in darkness.

See what he told his fans on IG few hours ago:

Sad! isn’t it???

Most people have lost hope in our leaders.

The root cause of power instability in Nigeria is corruption.

Some of these leaders have embezzled all the money needed to buy and upgrade equipments that will help regulate power on federal and state level.

6 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Alexx Ekubo Floors Nigeria Over Stable Electricity In Cameroon

  1. True talk bro..ghna must go,they left and developed their place.our pple have relocated to accra,we helped safrica fight apartheid and they country has been booming and our people are now roaming around there confronted with xenophobic attacks.did i mention kenya and rwanda/ lord hv mercy

  2. We pray God change our Nigeria. Alex just remain for Cameroon. You no go only enjoy light. You go enjoy peace. It used to be very peaceful country until now SC want go their own way.

  3. Alex are you sure the Cameroon I am living is the place you are at the moment. Are you sure or you have been told to say so. You can not charge you mobile phone for 4 hours without interruption.

    Pease let us know which part of Cameroon you are and we will find out by ourself

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