Nollywood Actor Damola Olatunji Buys Primestone Hotel In Sango Ota Ogun State For N60M[PHOTOS]

damola olatunji hotel sango ota ogun state

April 20, 2016 – Yoruba Actor Damola Olatunji Buys Primestone Hotel In Sango Ota Ogun State For N60Million, Renovation Project Ongoing [PICTURES]

The ‘Baba Ibeji’ of Nollywood, movie director Damola Olatunji has completed the acquisition of an hotel located in Sango Ota ogun State.

The hotel bought for a whopping sum of N60 million is currently undergoing massive renovation.

It is conveniently located at 3-5 Ipe Street in Ewupe axis of Sango Ota.

The Yaba College graduate said he ventured into hospital business because he is a naturally hospitable person.

Damola will officially launch the hotel to the public on May 1st 2016.

See the interior photos of the hotel below

We learnt that the multi million naira hotel was bought in Damola Olatunji and Bukky Awoyemi’s name.

bukky awoyemiBukky

Congrats to the couple

27 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor Damola Olatunji Buys Primestone Hotel In Sango Ota Ogun State For N60M[PHOTOS]

  1. Its too poor,a Yahoo guy can donthis,why are ***** ppl ***,you build. A hotel or brotel or na guest houae,its a poor hotel.
    Hotel business is a waste of money,no body go Lodge for dia,instead of opening a cinema dat wud bring fast cash,u run go build palasa hotel.
    Hey might be fucking a sugar mummy cause as far asai know,***** movies pay abt 50 to 70k to dia actors.
    Abegi apako.see the hotel rooms and toilet,so disgusting. Bunch of ****

    • @comeandmarry,
      Its really a shame that this **** gave you a ***** on this forum.
      Your hatred for the Yoruba people will only ****you by giving you hypertension… Go and deal with your hatred first;before offering advice to sensible & well educated people. I bet you are still a tenant in somebody’s house.

    • your people are ****. you are a racist. I hope your hatred for people will **** you one day. Mr adviser you go and build cinema now and make quick money naa

    • It’s none of your business if he has a sugar mummy, he has done something for himself!!! What have you achieved for yourself, you *****?

    • Who the f**k is this illiterate..i bet u stay in lagos and make money here..yet you still talk shit about about yoruba people **** ur forefathers, **** your generation

  2. Naija gist is begining to allow people like dis here , sensor any hate comments pls , here is for mature and sensible mind . Unlike other blogs . U have every right not to post any senseless comment on ur blog . Thanx


    • Remember he also lives abroad where he can work, alone with his wife, save some money in a decade and pay even raw cash for the hotel.But in reality He Did Not Pay 60 million naira for that hotel.

  4. @ Comeandmarry…its not an easy feat. This guy has really tried for himself and I think he deserve a congratulatory comment instead of hate.
    Others would have prefare to go obtain chains of SUVs just to impress their fans but this man judiciously invested his cash on a durable venture so why the bullets?

    A cinema house is a good business but if you are on a journey and you got to a point you can no-longer continue, maybe bcos it getting too late into the night, it happen you find yourself close to a cinema hall and a lodge am sure you would find the later more useful?

    Some people own chains of cars while the are still tenant. To me, it makes no sense to have a Land Rover, a Land Cruiser and still have a Landlord.

    D Hunter.

  5. Shebi you this foolish bloggers will not keep yha mouth shut, you re just so fund of raising rubbish talk, where he wan see 60m for his dream abi? Please talk about person we no know…

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    D Hunter.

  7. Damola lied that he bought the hotel at the rate of 60 million. The real owner least the hotel for his uncle that is an assembly member at osun state house of assembly. Damola is living a fake life. Challenge me and I will proof it. I’m called lawrenzo at singer, ewupe, sango ota,ogun state…

  8. Why is that people can’t even face their they have make it already pray for urself if he do yahoo wetin be ur Own busy body. Oloshi

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