Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Robbed By Police Officer In Lagos

ik ogbonna robbed

March 10, 2014 – Nigerian Actor IK Ogbonna Robbed By Policeman In Lagos

Popular Nigerian model and actor IK Ogbonna has revealed the face of a police officer that allegedly took 50,000 naira from him while he was in traffic at Ojuelegba area of Lagos state Nigeria.

Though he didn’t explain how the robbery happened but he accused the nonuniform officer of robbing him of the aforementioned amount.

ik ogbonna robbedIK Ogbonna at Africa Magic Viewers’ choice awards on Saturday

Read what IK said on Instagram:

On Saturday 8th of March 2014 I was robed in traffic by this man who claimed to be a police man he took 50K from me. I was able to take a pic while driving off as I had a lot doing and I couldn’t allow the foolish hungry bastard waste ma time. If u ever around Ojuelegba surulere and u see this man be very careful. wld report this to d police by tomorrow but the truth is not ever police man deserves to e called an officer.

This just confirm to us that IK Ogbonna is an ajebutter kid how person go collect this kind money from you in traffic… Na wao

7 thoughts on “Nollywood Actor IK Ogbonna Robbed By Police Officer In Lagos

  1. Maybe this your Oliver Twist hat and complexion made them think you are a foreigner and loaded.Sorry o o.How sure are you that he is a police man.

  2. How did u know that the man is a police officer? Was he on uniform? Mind you guy anybody can tell u he a member of any security outfit. You cannot just come on air and say you are robbed by police officer. That’s derogative my brother. You need to tender an apology to the police force for that statement.

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