Nollywood Icon Akin Lewis Becomes The First Nigerian Actor To Speak 10 Languages


akin lewis 10 languages

January 30, 2016 – Nollywood Icon Akin Lewis Becomes The First Nigerian Actor To Speak 10 Languages

See excerpts from Nollywood actor Akin Lewis recent chat with The Entertainer

The corporate world appears to be more financially rewarding; is the transition from that environment setting him back financially?

“I made a lot of money from the corporate world and I’m also making a lot of money from entertainment.

I don’t need to compare. I make the money from both ends. I have my own house, my own vehicles, my wife has her business and my kids are in the university. I live well and help other people; what else do I want?

I don’t count the pennies; I just join everything together and spend it.” It might interest you to know as well that Lewis speaks about 10 languages.

On his knowledge of nearly a dozen languages, he explains:

“I probably got it from my parents but one thing I know is that I was traveling all over the place since I was a little boy. So, everywhere we stayed, I easily understood the language. I speak Yoruba which is my mother tongue, I speak Hausa because I grew up there. I also grew up with Igbo boys.

I speak Bulgarian because I went there to study. Of course I speak English and I also speak French because I was with my family in a Francophone country. I speak Russian because I studied it. I guess it’s just something in me which manifested everywhere I stayed. And if I stayed long enough, I would be able to understand and speak.”