“Nollywood Movies Stories Are Too Predictable, No Suspense” – Iyanya Blasts Nigerian Film Makers

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March 5, 2014 – “Nollywood Movies Stories Are Too Predictable, No Suspense” – Iyanya Blasts Nigerian Film Makers

In a recent interview with ICampus, star singer Iyanya took a swipe at Nigerian movie makers.

The singers said the kind of movies being produced nowadays is not unique. He further said if they hire him, he’ll turn the movie industry around.

In his own words:

“I respect a lot of directors of some movies I have seen recently. Also Nollywood actors and actresses who have gone into producing their own movies have done well for themselves. But I feel like our stories are too predictable, no disrespect. There’s no suspense.
I feel like you can just watch a Nollywood movie that you have never seen or heard of and tell the way it’s going to end before it does. But trust me; if any director partners with me to do a movie, it will be awesome.”

This is a big wake up call for Nollywood movie producers. Quality is better than quantity.

20 thoughts on ““Nollywood Movies Stories Are Too Predictable, No Suspense” – Iyanya Blasts Nigerian Film Makers

  1. Iyanya u made a reasonable statement for d first tym,you are very very correct I don’t waist my tym watchin nigeria film.

  2. Nollowood is only good in producing movies but no quality. There are so many chaffs in the market.

  3. The sad part of Nollywood is you having to tune into 2 or more stations and you find the same person acting different roles in those stations – its appalling and sometimes becomes a mockery because those roles could have been given to someone else to play, thats why Hollywood stars cannot clap for them during awards. Same face acting too many roles doesnt make sense sometimes. Producers should have a website to receive comments from the public and actually deal with those comments because they are the real people who made this men and women stars as they claim to be.

  4. am an up-comin actor nd i got dis 2 say, iyanya is absolutly rigt bt i doubt him wen he said he can mak it gud, bros if u wan enta nolywod open up nd join. But 4 our producers u guys shud retink, i lik actin bt dnt lik watchin bcs onc u slot d disk i hv knwn d end its nt supos 2b lik dat. Tanx

  5. My boss iyanya… Uve spoken well… But stating a problem in d movie industry is quite remarkable, but profering the solution and taking the bold step to make that CHANGE is what matters matters most…. If I may ask… WHAT STEP HAVE U TAKEN? WHAT HAVE U DONE to make things right? Stop complaining and start working for the good of the industry……

  6. what about his music? isn’t it predictable, sexy ladies, waist movement, lewd dance steps….. the list is endless. He should take a sit.

  7. Iyanya u dey mad.what about ur music does they make sense? If they ask u now, u will say u ‘re one of best NigerIan musician.my friend u ‘re just opportune.

  8. Ur music make sense? U ‘re just talking rubbish, u ‘re just opportune to make money..why can’t we appreciate what we have?

  9. Inyanya (what a name/sound)! You look more like a fufu pounder than a singer! Nollywood don suffer, even abokiwood dey give them mouth! Back to Inyanya, your songs are also sooooo predictable and of same beats! Set ur house in order before becoming an inspector! Ewu onye nmong!

  10. As far as i’m concerned, foreign movie is the best especially szn movie. It entertains, educates and informs.

  11. Its iyanya amalisong eburutu one love bro u got many haters cuz ur speaking da truth ryt now am listing to ur song Badman ft MI abaga

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