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Nollywood Rivals: Meet 9 Top Nollywood Actresses With Unresolved Fights

nollywood actresses unresolved fights

August 26, 2017 – Nollywood Rivals: Meet 9 Top Nollywood Actresses With Unresolved Beefs

By Olaniyi Aderuku

Meet female Nollywood stars who are at daggers drawn over various issues which they are yet to resolve.

Cossy Ojiakor and Daniella Okeke

It’s for this pair, a war of boobs. Cossy Orjiakor, the sex symbol, singer, video vixen and Nigeria’s famous boobs dangler is synonymous with controversies. The actress looks like she’s bitten more than she can chew many times but she’s never tired. The buxomy actress has been involved in too many sex scandals, pimping among other vices probably more than any other actress in the industry.

Image result for Cossy Orjiakor naijagistsImage result for daniella okeke naijagists
The path of Cossy and Daniella Okeke might never cross again owing to what Cossy termed betrayal between her and Daniella Okeke when she allegedly pimped the actress for an embattled man of God. The actress with kamikaze boldness made public how she introduced Daniella to the famous man of God and how the cleric reneged on his promise of buying her a Range Rover after allegedly having canal knowledge of Daniella. He also allegedly showered her with several millions including choice cars and a house in a highbrow area of Lagos.

Ebube Nwagbo and Anita Joseph

It is an established fact in the industry that, sultry actress, Ebube Nwagbo, and the popular Limpopo singer, Kingsley Chinweke Okonkwo of KCee fame were lovers, the duo was not just lovers, theirs have been sealed by both families and it is on record that Ebube gave the relationship all she had with the hope of walking down the aisle with the star musician before the bootylicious Anita Joseph surfaced. More annoying was the fact that it happened when KCee hadn’t really made so much money; he was then more or less a hustler on Lagos streets. Alas, it turned out that Anita Joseph really didn’t need him for a lasting affair; she was merely interested in getting her share of his fortune while she continues her journey of life.

Image result for Ebube Nwagbo naijagistsImage result for Ebube Nwagbo and Anita Joseph naijagists

She took off as soon as her mission was accomplished. Sadly, the relationship between Ebube and KCee also ended ridiculously.

Lola Alao and Bisi-Ibidapo Obe

These popular Yoruba actresses have been on a war path since late 2012 when news broke out that Ibidapo-Obe was impregnated by former House of Representatives member but now a senator, Dino Melaye. Bisi Ibidapo-Obe stated in an exclusive interview that she was introduced to Melaye by Lola who later started dating the senator because she needed some help at the time.

Image result for Lola Alao naijagistsImage result for Bisi-Ibidapo Obe naijagists
But in a swift reaction, Lola Alao denied the claim saying; “Bisi should leave me out of her pregnancy mess. How can an adult like her not know who impregnated her? Is Bisi a small girl, that I Lola, will now carry and give Hon. Dino to date? It is sad that she dragged him into this mess. Is she the first actor or actress that Dino would help? Why is she making a big deal out of meeting Dino? Dino has been my friend for years and was even at my movie premiere several months back where he donated N10 million. I wish to state categorically that I had never dated Dino, I am not dating him and can never date him because he’s like a brother from another mother.”

Tonto Dikeh and Toyin Lawani

One time inseparable friends, Tonto Dikeh and Toyin Lawani, seem to have forgotten their chummy days together as all they are bent on doing these days is to drag each other’s name in the mud. Trouble started when Dikeh and Lawani stormed social media in a messy fight, calling each other shameful names.
It was alleged that Tonto Dikeh was secretly dating Taiwo Afolabi, a shipping magnate and Sifax boss, whom she later introduced to her friend, Lawani, to help boost her business line. Not long after, it was alleged that Lawani started having an affair with him.

However, Dikeh found out about their alleged affair and the Rivers State-born actress stopped patronising Lawani who was also her stylist and went for Toyin’s staff, Swanky Jerry Ogbodo. Tonto went as far as publicly denouncing Lawani’s Tiannah’s Styling. She tweeted, ‘I, Tonto Dikeh, do not shop from or endorse or recommend nor identify with Tiannah Styling as a tailoring outfit.’

Genevieve Nnaji and Kate Henshaw

Saying these actresses rank among the best in their industry is stating the obvious. Apart from being A-list, they are some of the most sought after acts and their wide range endorsements tell their success story. But unknown to their fans, they do not see eye-to-eye, maybe their spirits just don’t agree in the metaphysical realm- what one can only establish is that a known beef exists between the duo.

Image result for genevieve nnaji kate henshaw naijagists
Though not much is known about the cause of the ill feeling between them, sources whisper that it may not be far-fetched from superiority battle in their chosen profession. When they meet at events, the two do not greet neither do they acknowledge each other; even when they sit on the same table, they act like the other doesn’t exist.

[Saturday Telegraph]



  1. Uzoma

    August 26, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Daniella Okeke in other words is a call girl. This goes to vindicate Stephanie Otobo that Danielle is one of the Nollywood ladies that Apostle Suleiman was dating and spending lavishly on. He even bought her a G Wagon among some other high prized toys. Any girl or woman who is pimped out for a high price is a call girl. She is a phone call away from high paying clients either directly or through her pimp. In this case Cossy Orjiakor was her pimp and their trouble started when she (Cossy) did not get her cut. Those who were blindly defending Apostle Suleiman and villifying Stephanie Otobo should now hide their face in shame.

  2. J. B. Hunter

    August 26, 2017 at 1:30 PM

    Arh Arh? They said 9 pairs and gave us 5. What about the rest 4 pair?
    Ok, let me add my own from NG forum:-
    -Metu Nyetu and Bench.
    -J. B. Hunter and Amanda.

    I take a stroll…

    • Toyosi

      August 27, 2017 at 6:50 PM

      Why is Hunter Hunting after Metu, Bench and Amanda now…. I can’t stop laughing opp

    • Metu Nyetu

      August 28, 2017 at 8:16 AM

      LOLZ@D HUNTER! MAKE Bench no see this o.

  3. Bench

    August 26, 2017 at 5:11 PM

    Is bad to be having problem with somebody. Womens is even big wahala bicos wetin is cause their problem na small thing. If small thing is cause wahala for you, it is mean say you are dey small. Womens are full to small.

  4. Keep it real

    August 26, 2017 at 7:44 PM

    Mostly fighting over a man or who gets more attention from them Nigerian politicians.
    Can they fight about something meaningful like creating jobs for the unemployment and giving back to the society

  5. atr

    August 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM

    What about Wike and Ameachi, Fayose and Fayemi, Lai Mohammed and Olisa Metuh, ASUU and FG, Naira and Dollar? Fighting cuts across rems of life it is not only among celebs

    • Metu Nyetu

      August 28, 2017 at 8:19 AM


  6. Berry blue

    August 27, 2017 at 7:32 PM

    Can’t stop laughing ????????????????????Naira and Dollar, Asuu and FGay God save us

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