Nollywood Stars Absent At Bob Manuel Udokwu’s Mother’ Burial In Anambra State

bob manuel udokwu mother burial

Sept 5, 2013 – Nigerian Movie Stars Absent At Bob Manuel Udokwu’s Mother’ Burial In Anambra State

According to insiders, something went wrong in Ogidi Anambra state during the burial ceremony of veteran actor Bob Manuel Udokwu‘s  late mother last Friday in Ogidi, Anambra state.

We learnt the star actor was shunned by his colleagues in the movie industry.

All efforts he made to mobilize them failed woefully due to his controversial personality.

As the day drew closer, most of them were heard saying stuffs like Bob never attends any of their event, he is too proud, and so on.

Well the day finally came and to the villagers surprise popular Nollywood faces and school mates of the Bob Manuel like Charles Okafor Mr Ibu, Victor Osuagwu, Francis Duru, Ejike Asiegbu and others didn’t show up with the exception of Steve Eboh, Charles Inojie, Emmanuel Ogugueh Chidi Nwokeabia and Ejike Metuselah who are his very close pals.

Guests at the funeral service in church were heard lamenting the absence of Nollywood stars to honour the late woman.

Though there was plenty of things to eat and drink, the attendance was poor for a man of his standard.

Bob Manuel Udokwu recently got a political appointment as the Special Assistant on creative media to Anambra state government.

Is this a pay back time for the veteran actor who lost his mother on the 20th of July, 2013?

Are his colleagues jealous of him?

13 thoughts on “Nollywood Stars Absent At Bob Manuel Udokwu’s Mother’ Burial In Anambra State

  1. They are not jealous of him, you have just said it all, HE IS TOO PROUD. He looks down on people, its not a good way to live.

  2. As a child of God you don’t pay evil with evil. If the Nolly wood stars refuse to show up in the burial ceremony, it then means they have little mind.They would have gone there to pay respect to the dead not Bob Manuel, with that it might change him. Anyway, what matters is the soul of the departed has rested in the bosom of the Lord, every other thing “na jara”.

  3. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace amen. Whether they came or they didnt attend that one concern them since she had died even if they came they cant rise her to life again

  4. Well it has happen, but let every one learn how to help one another so that when it is ur day people will stand with u. Is good to be goodoooo

  5. as he was axpected at other peoples fathers and mothers barials and he never showed up thats the same way he expected others and the never showed up. am a member of AGN thats the rule. COME FOR OTHERS SO OTHERS WILL COME FOR YOU. WHO IS A FOOL …HERE.hahahaha

  6. The golden Rule says “DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WISH THEY DO TO YOU” am sure that’s exactly what He wanted.He followed the rule.

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