Obasanjo’s Son’s Wedding: Bisoye Marries Igbo Girlfriend In Ebonyi State

obasanjo son wedding

Nov 10, 2013 – Olusegun Obasanjo’s Son’s Wedding: Bisoye Weds Igbo Girlfriend, Chigozie Nwenyi In Ebonyi State

Another beautiful inter-tribal wedding has taken place in Ebonyi state.

Yesterday, one of the children of ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo married his long-time lover in style.

Bisoye Obasanjo married his fiancee, Chigozie Nwenyi in the presence of top dignitaries from all over the country.

Those who attended Obasanjo’s son’s wedding include President Goodluck Jonathan, all past Ebonyi state governors and their deputies, notable figures like top ministers, Members of House of Representative, police chiefs and senators.

Bisoye who graduated from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria was introduced to Chigozie, a graduate of Nassarawa state University by a friend in 2011.

Check out more photos from Obasanjo’s son’s wedding below:

bisoye obasanjo wedding

The happy bride

Chigozie is an Igbo name meaning May God give blessing.

Real love knows no tribe.

Wishing the couple marital bliss.

38 thoughts on “Obasanjo’s Son’s Wedding: Bisoye Marries Igbo Girlfriend In Ebonyi State

  1. Obasanjo’s male children are igbo ladies addict
    His other son married an ibo lady few years back.
    Nice to know that we igbo ladies are rare gem.

  2. I guess this is the new trend for yoruba men now.. To marry igbo women.. They just hate der own women.. Lol. If this goes on i just wonda who will marry the yoruba women they are leaving behind.. Smh!

    • @gbenga stop shaking ur head…or else u will start having headache and neck pains….p of psquare will soon take his yoruba bride to ultar..and we so happy for that…that is to say igbo marry yoruba and vice versa…..so dear rest ur head..is normal

  3. Yoruba women are still valuable. I married a rare breed here in Germany and I can never let go.
    She is the most amazing Yoruba lady I have ever met
    As we speak, my igbo mother doesn’t like her
    Attitude is a personal thing and not a tribal thing at all
    Congrats Chigo and Bisoye

    • @jeremiah…..manage wetin??? Who is managing who?….oge if u dnt knw what to comment better keep mum….the groom knws his reasons for marrying his bride…so plis wish them well..so ur own will be sucexful too

    • They are happy married Jeremial Abiri….that’s all!
      Quit the hate!! so good things like this go reach your sisters if you have any!ciao

  4. Igbo girls makes good wives. Is just dat, sm of dem cld b veeeeery xpensive….. Well, i hope 2 marry 1 myself sm day if God wills.
    If u hv d same hope wt me, den it means u hv 2 go n re-enforce financially (gbam).

  5. Obj needs jewish blood in his family, he knows that the ibo tribe is the number one in the whole world, the ibos never forget thier home at all, and they are not hypocrites like the Ha and Ya.

  6. You called her ugly but he chose her above all the drop dead gorgeous ladies,reason bcos beauty cos beyond physical attributes. Happy married life…

  7. Jeremiah shut the fuck up Igbo or bio gurl a are so beautiful don’t be a hater and for Yoruba ppl no wonder Yoruba men keep on chasing after ibo gurls lol

  8. It doesn’t matter where u find ur wife as long as she is what ur heart want and can make a good home.
    I married a beautiful yoruba christian girl and ever since my life has not been the same again. She brought so much joy to me and we have wonderful kids.
    So, the difference in tribe and religion does not applies because love knows no barrier.

    • Usman Bayero. am so happy to read what you said about your yoruba christian wife,God bless ur marriage and kids with more good things in life and more happines.if nigeria intermarriages they will no war ,hate,and tribe issues,over 100yrs join together in force marraige,it should be love by now 100yrs.but people like you usman bring hope to nigeria, am yoruba woman marry to kanuri/hausa/arab man for over 25yrs now happy marriage and more over am the only wife.

  9. @jeremiah, make we see ur picture if u fine, i believe say obasanjo even fine pass u. u dey call dis pretty angel ugly. wetin u go call karen igho?

  10. @Jeremiah Abiri, marriage is not about beauty but its all about LOVE. He loves her and she is just a queen in his own eyes so stop bn jealous. dear Biso and Chigo congrats and HML!

  11. Inter-tribal marriage should be encouraged among the young men and women in this country. This will go along way in ensuring peaceful coexistence among us Nigerians

  12. Happy married lifeto them. It does not matter where one marries from, love and happines and love is the most important thing. My brother married a Yoruba lady and she turned out to be the best of all the ladies married in the fily. This is now very common in Nigeria and will go a long way to promote and cement unity in the country.

  13. Women are not selected my tribe, I wonder why educated people who can read and write are still believing in triberlism?? Me I can marry any tribe from any country. As far as she merits a house wife material..

  14. In Christ we r one. what God has joined together let no human being put asunder. chigo 4 Biso, I wish u happy home.

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