Odunlade Adekola: I’m Not Dead, I’m Alive – Actor Denies Armed Robbery Attack

odunlade adekola dead

Oct 31, 2015 – Odunlade Adekola Not Dead: Yoruba Actor Says Robbery Attack & Death A Rumour

Report That Odunlade Adekola Was Killed By Robbers At His House In Abeokuta, A Wicked Rumour

An unconfirmed rumour that started from Sobola Nation this morning has thrown fans of popular Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola into mourning.

The report claimed that the actor was attacked and murdered by some dare devils at his house in Abeokuta yesterday.

While responding to the viral rumour, that actor said there is no iota of truth in the report.

“I am hale and hearty, where the news surfaced from I don’t know. I am using this medium to thank all my fans, friend and family who have text and call.” – the actor added

He is hale and hearty and even working on a new movie.

These mumu reporters have started again ooo. Why spread such a wicked rumour.

72 thoughts on “Odunlade Adekola: I’m Not Dead, I’m Alive – Actor Denies Armed Robbery Attack

  1. Odunlade adekola the one and only actor of yoruba movies you shall not died but to live long like nelson mandela the whole word we here you name like obama god we alway protect you by “ayeerun thomas”in jesus name

  2. I was shocked when I heard that my celebrity crush have die,I knew it was a rumor such thing won’t happen to you ODUNLADE ADEKOLA may you live long pls becareful,don’t trust anyone and be prayerfull all of us still need your soul we don’t want any bad incident to happen to you#LIVEYOUNGFOREVER!ODUUUN.

  3. what man sown wil be harvest. in this life, everything are created in pairs (life & death, good & bad, rich & poor) ( lover & hater) for those that think that they can tanish ODUNLADE ADEKOLA image and name should remembes that they have child they want their chileren to be fortune in life. i thank them for all what they have done in past. stop saying what is bad about any body again. to you MR ADEKOLA i appreciate all the you u7e your talent. the mercy of GOD will follow to your destination. LONG LIFE AND PROPERISTY (OLANREWAJU TOHEEB OLUWATOBI ABBIATI FROM OYO STATE. 08107073405)

  4. my guy never mind them they ar foolish. Adekola iku e okin se oni toba ku ola aku ola. insha allahu u will not die and we ur fans

  5. Mr odunlade adekola pls are beg in the name jesus come to eruwa town ask for adekunle elijah because i need your heip in my life

  6. Mr odunlade adekola u will not died in the name of jesus because i need ur heip in life pls come to eruwa ask for adekunle elijah pls come ooo

  7. odun wen u get beta all u do as a gud cristain is to Go strait to d mountain and spent 21day wit fastn and prayer by telln God wit 7elders DAT every man or woman seckn after ur life d almigty God should distroy them alife wit there power,and it will be done

    • Mr. odunlande adekola u ar the best of best in yoruba films and others, wh ever thinking or wish that u died nw they ar first go dere before u . don’t mind them they ar useless in everything. for this of u dat carry unsencible information u better stop dat. Mr. odun long live and prospecrity

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