Olamide Badoo Heads To OAU Ile Ife For Concert

olamide concert ile ife monday

May 27, 2016 – Olamide Badoo Heads To OAU Ile Ife For Grand Concert

Olamide Badoo is set to storm Ile Ife in a special concert organised by Motherland Beckons – the partner organisation of the Ooni of Ife in a bid to promote culture and tourism and make Ile Ife a tourist destination of choice.

According to a statement released by Akapo Emmanuel, the event producer, this particular event is designed to attract and engage the youths to be part of the ongoing projects and initiatives focused on building a formidable tourism sector in Africa, starting from Ile Ife – the cradle of Civilization.

Olamide has since confirmed his participation in a short video which is currently going viral on social media. Alongside badoo are other notable artistes such as ‘Anu – the lady Ekwe’ and ‘Olo – Omidan Bata’ and the American based Nigerian Opera singer, Babatunde (Opera from the Soul of an African).

The grand concert will be holding on Monday, May 30, 2016 at the Amphitheatre of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife at 7.00pm prompt.

See the flyer below for more details

7 thoughts on “Olamide Badoo Heads To OAU Ile Ife For Concert

  1. Ile Ife is supreme among the whole of Yorubaland. I’d not known this before. Thanks to NG and her numerous fans that educate people here.

    By her enviable status, promoting tourism in Ile Ife is a topic that can never be over-emphasised. But I urge all the stake holders to tell only true stories about the ancient kingdom, unlike the outrageous claims of the present oba that the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Ark are in the Kingdom. Such a tale could only attract ignorant tourists who might turn out highly disappointed when at last they could not find those two claims verifiable.

  2. Nice one
    nothing goes on now as long as concert is concern in yoruba land without olamide being involve..
    Wish u guys d best

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