Olu Jacobs Praises Wife, Joke Silva “She Is My Mother & Best Friend”

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January 24, 2014 – Olu Jacobs Praises Wife, Joke Silva  “She Is My Mother & Best Friend”

Veteran Nollywood actor, producer and movie director Olu Jacobs recently showered love on his wife and the mother of his two children, Mrs Joke Silva.

Olu Jacobs said marrying Joke was the best decision of his life.

Hear what the 71-year-old actor said about his wife:

“ Joke has been more than a wife to me. She has been a confidant, a counsellor, a great manager and business partner. A mother and my best friend”.

“All these combined with the God factor are the reasons why our marriage has lasted this long”.

The Nollywood veteran stars married about 28 years ago. They have been tagged the longest surviving couple in Nollywood.

Apart from their Nollywood career, the couple together owned, Lufodo Group, which comprises Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA), Lufodo Distribution and Lufodo Consult, an entertainment related business group.

What a lovely couple!

20 thoughts on “Olu Jacobs Praises Wife, Joke Silva “She Is My Mother & Best Friend”

  1. Y is she nt bearing d husband name? Eg joke olu jacob…….. Na their luck. Abeg wat of my actress liz benson

  2. I love you sir. You have been a role model to boys like me who is aspiring to get married soon. I appreciate you.

  3. Y is she nt bearing ha hubby’s name instead she bears d name of ha parents abi na ha papa d marry ha or olu sur name too na silva? Naijagist abeg were una kip liz benson

  4. When you talk of role model,this are role models not dos useless things they called role models.May God continue 2 bles ur home.

  5. Wow!I am really so so amazed of this “new discovery” so i call it. First, the fact that Mrs. Joke Silva is Mr Olu Jacobs’s wife, is like a hot oil dropped into my throat for me to swallow.second, both being a movie star ,i am yet ready to digest that down .And lastly, they being couples is that not wonderful , i mean is really really awesome you know.
    I cannot believe this gouch!. In fact, they are the real match and an example to copy.
    To top it all,they are my role model when it comes to elderly actors you know.

  6. Aww,that’s so sweet of you Olu.I respect you more for this.Mr okoya is never wrong no wonder you are his number one guy.Joke you are blessed as a mother and wife.keep the love burning for others to follow.Beautiful African couple.

  7. may the good lord bless you couples as your legacy lives in the live of others. I love you couples.

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