Olujowon Obasanjo & Tolulope Adebutu Wedding Ends In Drama As Guest Calls Obasanjo Selfish

olujuwon obasanjo tolulope adebutu white wedding

May 14, 2017 – 1st Photos From Olujowon Obasanjo & Tolulope Adebutu’s White Wedding

  • Olujowon Obasanjo & Tolulope Adebutu White Wedding Ends In Drama As Guest Calls Obasanjo Selfish For Conducting Wedding Behind Groom’s Mother
  • Guest Accused Olusegun Obasanjo Of Approving Son’s Wedding To Chief Kessington Adebutu’s Daughter For Selfish Gain

The daughter of Premiere Lotto boss, Chief Adebutu and son of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo were yesterday joined together in Holy Matrimony at a Methodist church in Lagos

The occasion was graced by the creme de la creme in the society with the exception of a very important individual, the groom’s mother, Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo.

Though a lot of dignitaries came to honour the couple, visibility absent were those from the family side of the groom’s mother.

A source at the event accused the former President of approving the wedding for self reasons after Obasanjo entered the wedding hall with a young lady who stood in place of the groom’s mother

“This is ridiculous, I thought they have settled Aunty Taiwo, how dare they conduct the wedding behind her, it is a taboo in Yoruba land. This is why I don’t have any relationship with Baba, he can be funny sometimes, please Jowon’s mother is not dead, why will someone else replace her” – said a source who stormed out of the church in anger.

See first photos and video from the lavish wedding ceremony below

13 thoughts on “Olujowon Obasanjo & Tolulope Adebutu Wedding Ends In Drama As Guest Calls Obasanjo Selfish

  1. Everyday,history is being made…i guess this is one of them (MARRIAGE WITHOUT MAMA’S BLESSING OR PRESENT WHILE STILL LIVING AND AROUND) but at the end,we do not know if it will be on the positive or negative side of history, only time shall tell.

  2. Baba continue, Ok But remember that adage that says
    A kì í gbọ́n tó ẹni tí ńtannijẹ.Meaning
    One is never as wise as the person deceiving one.(The deceiver always has the advantage of the dupe.)
    And also Olujuwon remember the one saying that says
    A kì í jayé ọba ká ṣu sára.
    One does not so luxuriate in one’s majesty that one shits on oneself.
    (Lack of moderation and decorum will bring disgrace to even the most elevated person.)

  3. obj and controversy..the mother of the child was difrienchised..she begged for that date to be shifted but u refuse to yeild to her request.haba

  4. do u ppl think dat, dat boy knows what he his doing. does dat boy nt look like mumu. d only tin is dat we shld all b praying for dat small boy dat we to marry his step mother. I pity dat small girl dat stood as a mother, dat is hw another persn will stand on d day of her joy for her. what u sow is what u reap.

  5. After all and said by the groom’s mum, they still went ahead. The paradise of any child lies with his or her mother. Even if the mum is a witch, I don’t think she deserves this. For good 9months she carried him, she didn’t terminate him and breast fed him for years, only for the son to regard and make his mum proud and someone was replaced with her! Hmmm naa waa ooo. Truly the root of money is evil. Omo tó mó iyà ré lóju oooo, oshi nio tà omo Naa páà. Any child that does this to the mum, will never receive the mums blessings. Without cursing you, you av cursed yasef!

  6. What happened to the doom the mother prophesised? Some persons only see evil and nothing but evil. Happy married life jare….

  7. Isn’t the wedding about the bride and groom ? Why is there so much drama with the grooms parents! The wife rein so much abuse and threats about what will happen on the day ! Parents settle this with couple!

  8. Marriage is for both and i don’t know parents always create problem in their children marriage. They are through with life and always wants to detect for their children old enough to be parents as well.

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