Omotola Jalade Nominated For MTV Music Awards, MAMAs 2014

omotola jalade mtv awards nomination

May 5, 2014 – Omotola Jalade Nominated For MTV Music Awards, MAMAs 2014

Nollywood actress turned singer and now TV show host, Omotola Jalade is likely to win another award this year after her super success last year.

The organizers of MTV Africa Music Awards have nominated Omotola along side, writer Chimamanda Adichie in the non-music category for Personality of the year.

Other celebrities nominated in the same category are Hollywood actress Lupita Nyongo from Kenya, footballer Yaya Toure from Cote d’Ivoire and comedian Trevor Noah from South Africa.

Congrats to her.

13 thoughts on “Omotola Jalade Nominated For MTV Music Awards, MAMAs 2014

  1. look at this shameless lady collecting award up and down….meanwhile people outside Nigeria are lamenting over the missing girls..mrs notice me by.force..

    • u are a f**l oooo she needs the award ok if u are the one will u neglet the award nigeria people they dnt look before they talk

  2. @Tochas nd June 12…Sometimes I wonder what guys with myopic sense of reasoning are doing on this blog…If u can’t make comment without sentiment and objectively pls u don’t belong here!

  3. June you are very **** with your comment. Is Omatala the Boko Haram that kidnap them, how about you what are doing to rescue them. who knows whether you are one of the kidnappers.

  4. @June 12 or whatever u call ur name. Please show some respect while giving ur comment. I don’nt think it is important to comment if u do’nt have any positive contribution . I do’nt know Omotola personally, but u should’t have called her a shameless Lady. I throw this question to to personally, on this issue of those missing girls, what step have u taken? or does it stop you u from doing ur normal daily activities, or does it stop u from taking ur daily meal?. We should realise the fact that all nigerian are very sober and unhappy concerning the situation. but it is not in our hands to rescue but God and with the help of our leaders. Let us keep praying for their safety and release. Juxt my pieace.

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