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Omotola Jalade Willing To Run As Lagos Governor, Actress Tells Buhari To Cancel NYSC

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Omotola Jalade Willing To Run As Lagos Governor, Actress Tells Buhari To Cancel NYSC

omotola jalade lagos governor

August 9, 2015 – Omotola Jalade Willing To Run As Lagos Governor, Actress Tells Buhari To Cancel NYSC

See excerpts from Omotola Jalade’s recent interview with Sunday Telegraph

Your children seem to be delving into showbiz. Was it your idea or their choice?

Absolutely not. It was not my idea or their father’s, it was proudly their choice. We are happy about it; we are proud of them and that is why we are supporting them. Only two of them are into showbiz. One of my daughters is into fashion; that is Mariareh. Plans are already in top gear for her to go study fashion in school. My first son is a music producer cum singer. He had wanted to be a pilot, but for funny reasons, he changed his plans and decided on music.

Do you still influence their decisions?

Not at all. I can only advise them. When it involves their career, they take decisions for themselves. If any of my children wants to be a welder, I will gladly support him or her and give them the best of education in that field.

How is your online store doing and why such an initiative?

Oh wow! It’s doing very well. Our clients and fan base keep growing by the day. I am grateful to God for that.

If you were offered a ticket to contest for the seat of a governor in your state and it’s confirmed you will win, would you consider the offer?

I won’t accept the offer; but maybe, if it’s in Lagos, I will accept the offer.

You have been involved in charity work and some motivational projects. How much joy does it give you?

I have always been actively involved in charity work, maybe you don’t see them. I have just returned from South Africa where I went for a program, ‘POVERTY SEXIST.’

What is that one thing or those things your colleagues are fond of in the industry and you are not down with?

Those who are very close to me know that too well, I can’t specify.

Have you ever been been attracted to any man apart from your husband?

No! I’ve never been attracted to any man other than my husband. My husband is sweet; he’s very cute, handsome and attractive. He’s the one man I have always been attracted to all my life.

When will you produce your own movie?

Well, maybe sometime in the future. But for now, no plans whatsoever.

Twenty years down the line, how has it been and what lessons do you want your fans and other upcoming acts to learn from your rise to fame and fortune?

There’s so much to learn, and that’s why I introduced my reality show, ‘THE REAL ME.’ It’s not easy getting here, but I am thankful to God and my husband. I couldn’t have achieved this much without him. For my fans and the rising stars, they should be prayerful, determined, focused, hardworking and by His grace, they will get there.

What do you have for those who have been wishing that your marriage had hit the rocks a long time ago?

They should keep wishing. That’s all I have to say.

Three things you cherish about your husband.

Oh my hero, my pillar of support, my ever cute captain. I admire and respect him for his calmness, dignity and his love and fear for God. So much I cherish about him, he’s one in a million.

Do you still wash your husband’s clothes and cook for him?

Well, he’s sitting next to me (pointing at her husband). Maybe, you should ask him.

What advice do you have for President Muhammadu Buhari?

He should scrap NYSC. It’s not useful, he should please do that for Nigerians. Our children don’t need it anymore.

Why do you want NYSC scrapped, knowing fully well it’s a national orientation programme?

I have looked at the programme thoroughly and exactly what it’s supposed to have achieved over the years. Believe me, there is no credible or tangible result. It’s a total waste of time and resources and I think all the time and resources should be channelled into something more resourceful.

For instance, I have had situations where some members of my staff, in the name of NYSC, left for a year only to come back and their spaces had been taken by another. You can imagine. NYSC is not just adding any value to our society or even to the lives of our children. I am of the opinion that it should be scrapped.

So what other useful and relevant programmes do you suggest?

Skills acquisition. We have had situations whereby the young ones, after graduation, are with no jobs. They start roaming the streets or even go into crime to survive. This is an urgent situation that needs to be addressed.

Let us make good plans for our children, instead of going to waste a whole year of their struggle, claiming they are serving their fatherland. They should be trained and equipped with skills. That way, their future is secure.

Where do you see yourself and your children, especially those in showbiz, in five years?

B y God’s grace five years from now, I see them at the peak of their careers, all doing us proud with their different talents.



  1. Tewase Gabriel

    August 9, 2015 at 7:18 PM

    There is nothing God can’t do but this dream is unrealistic

  2. obi

    August 9, 2015 at 7:50 PM

    govern your husband and children first. nonsence.

  3. nikky

    August 9, 2015 at 8:49 PM

    What u should have said is that nysc program should be optional. So many people had the program and got opportunities tru it, I mean got employed by the company to which they have served. I am an example of dt. So cancelling d program doesn’t solve any problems in Nigeria but worsen situations in a way!


    August 9, 2015 at 10:58 PM

    Uh! Omotola Governor of Lagos State.?? I don’t believe Omotola said anything like this or might just be joking or, probably found herself in a lighter mood and want to make people laugh. The office of Lagos State Governor is not for the calibre of Omotola and, for that matter anyone coming from the background of her career stocks. Whatever Omotola’s ambitions are; politically, I expect her to have answered ‘No Interest’ because she is academically not cut out for that level of intellectual ability to Govern even any rural State in Nigeria, let alone a cosmopolitan and mega State as Lagos. Remember once American beauty contestant and former Governor of Alaska, lady Serrah Pellin who aspired becoming first woman in the history of America to be Vice President and, how she overated her popularity until her real life biography was extrayed and analysed and, whose ambitions eventually exposed her to all manner of ridicule in the history of American politics. Omotola should better in her own interest steer clear of Nigerian politicts if she was ever nursing anything like that, not even if its offered her on a silver platter.

  5. Tunababrossy

    August 10, 2015 at 2:33 AM

    Thanks , I will prefer , if u said services year should optional rather than absolute scraped . For instance I got job through NYsC . There is a lot opportunities embedded in NYSC too. U have own point at same time u don’t considered other benefit gain through NYSC

  6. RAPO

    August 10, 2015 at 7:46 AM


  7. Maxwell

    August 10, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    Let me digress. Omotola, why do you chose to trade your natural beauty for this white-washed face I’m seeing here? You look every inch an article in a baby doll shop. Remember Michael Jackson and be wise ooo!

  8. sam

    August 10, 2015 at 4:21 PM

    Besides job opportunity,there are so many other opportunities attached.Going into a new place,seeing different people with different culture,is part of learning and socialization.Learning does not end in the school or in the class room.The key thing,is to create a conducive environment for the corps members.

  9. mrs ohio alias mrs ERANKO

    August 11, 2015 at 1:16 PM



  10. omolabake

    August 12, 2015 at 12:22 AM

    Cancel NYSC!like seriously…that’s not the problem facing the youth right now NYSC should be optional. Like some have said there are lots of opportunities in it Apart from some getting jobs where they are placed. The business I introduced to a friend today was because I served in Niger state and she is doing very well in the business

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