Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay Says Souls Of Dead Gays & Lesbians Will Magnify God

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July 14, 2016 – Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay Says Souls Of Dead Gays & Lesbians Will Magnify God

Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay who fled Nigeria few years ago has spoken up in defence of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals,Intersex and Transgender.

The highly controversial Homosexual self-acclaimed Pastor said his people are being persecuted for their lifestyle.

See what he shared on Facebook few hours ago…

Confusion Nawa oooo.. End time don reach.

28 thoughts on “Openly Gay Nigerian Pastor Jide Macaulay Says Souls Of Dead Gays & Lesbians Will Magnify God

  1. Mr man read through your bible very well and see the prescription of result of your life’style.

  2. Souls of dead Gays and Lesbians will magnify God in what way?

    If so why on Earth did he flee the country? Or was he talking about gods of the Gays?

    I take a stroll…

  3. I love you but dislike (will not use the word “hate”) your lifestyle. May God deliver you from the spirit of homosexuality and forgive you for leading people astray. As a “Pastor”, you are held to a higher standard of responsibility and accountability.

  4. If you ever set your feet in heaven, God himself would kneel down and beg forgiveness from the people of Sodom and Gomorah, and leave His throne for Lot’s wife who became a pillar of salt for glancing back at that burning city of people like you.


  6. I want to advise our people not to be carried away from the truth of the gospel by those words like “church”, pastor, Bishops, Evangelist, prophet and so on. They are just title that any wolve can take upon himself legally anywhere in the world. Every things created or that are of God have a counterfelt from the devil. Jide Macaulay is a pAstor of the church of Satan that operate with their own set of rules that is completely different from JESUS teaching and God’s standard as shown in the Book of Life called the Bible. Wide animals that live in the thick forests are far smarter than these guys. Why? I have never seen a male dog, donkey, rabbit, cat, lion, and so on mating with their same sex animals. But they mate with opposite sex for reproduction and continuity of life. However, if we want to analyze homosexuality based on God’s standard through the grace of Christ Jesus, we will find out that in the book of Genesis, God Almighty created Adam first before creating his help mate-Eve and not Adam and Adam in the garden of Eden. The only city-Sodom and Gomorrah reported in the Bible that practice homosexuality was destroyed by a like of fire from the sky.But the reasons why despite our gross sins why God is slow to response to our gross sins like in the past,is because of the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus who dead for the sin of the world on the cross of Calvary thousands of years ago. However, His grace will not be there forever for very one of us. Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God Almighty. Satanic pastor Jide Macaulay and those like him trying to cajole canal christians and non believers that is Okay to serve God as gay should repent and stop preaching false doctrine that doesn’t magnify or glorify God Almighty.

  7. pator of church from city of Sodom and Gomorah,u didnt read Bible very well and see what God do to ur Homosexual families,fool may God save ur soul b4 u die.

  8. You are terribly sick. This man is obviously an agent of the devil and demons who have being sent out to mislead those humans who are weak spiritually. Your rotten saying can’t even move God because he knows you are already condemn to death. That means all your church members are gay and your female members are all lesbians. Don’t worry nemesis will catch up with you soon. Satanic pastor.

  9. This openly gay Pastor is Guarantee himself a place in heaven OMG. Who made you a Pastor in the first place? Why do you think God destroyed the first set of gay community? Your assumption is totally wrong. Unless you denounce homosexuality act, I bet you hell is your final abode. It is mind boggling that those that suppose to worship God according to his law and ordinances are the ones misinterpreting the scriptures. Even to my surprise the World Pope, Pope Francis said it publicly that he has no problem with the gays and Lesbians. I hate people playing politics with God. You cannot pretend you are serving God and you cannot defend him publicly. All I know is you don’t deal with God with two faces. You either submit yourself to him completely and keep his command or don’t serve him at all. You cannot serve God and Mammon. I expected Pope to condemn homosexuality publicly instead of trying to be liberal. I hate hypocrites.

  10. My dear Jilo, I may say that I wasn’t surprised with Pope Francis’ statement. It must have been an ungodly pressure that forced his predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to resign, a thing that had not been heard since about the 14th Century. Everything is working towards the setting up of the New World Order, and the Pope is a vital player. A Pope that maintains strict religious views would cause a lot of friction for the smooth operation of the Order. That was why the previous Pope resigned, and a liberal, an unjudgemental, accomodative Pope, Pope Francis was ordained.

  11. I’ll prescribe two drugs 4 u since u call urself pastor. The first 1 is sodom and the second 1 is Gomorrah. Make sure u read the content very well. If u r ok wit d outcme u can continue living Like dis otherwise give ur life 2christ. Mother f*****cker.

  12. You gays are crucifying Jesus for the second time. Pls don’t pose yourself as a pastor better repent before you died and perish in hall.

  13. This quack pastor is crazy ooo, how he even mention the name Jesus in his mad post. The world has come to an end

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