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Opinion: One Nigeria For Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba & Few Biafrans Having Fun In It

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Opinion: One Nigeria For Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba & Few Biafrans Having Fun In It

one nigeria

December 3rd, 2015 – One Nigeria For Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba, Biafrans & The Few Having Fun In It


Great Biafrans,

My Hausa friend asked me: Under what conditions would you start believing that One Nigeria is working?
Here was my response:

1. Close down Lagos ports and Open up PH,Calabar, Onitsha and Warri.

2. Cancel all direct and major connecting flights to Lagos and Abuja airports…onlylocal or minimal connecting flights will be allowed. While this is being done, open up Enugu, Owerri, Asaba, Uyo and PH to international flights…direct and major connecting flights.

3. Ask all international and diplomatic missions to move their embassies and consulates from Lagos and Abuja to Enugu, PH and Calabar.

4. All federal governments agencies in Lagos and Abuja shall be relocated to Enugu, PH and Calabar. CBN, NNPC,e.t.c shall and must relocate to PH, Calabar and Enugu.

5. If these conditions can be fulfilled and implemented, we can try one Nigeria and let’s see if you Hausas and Yorubas will like it for a month.

Meaning, Yorubas and Hausas needing to get visas shall travel to PH, Calabar or Enugu to do that. Same with flying or connecting flights, same with shipping and importing their goods, e.t.c.

The Hausa friend replied: You can’t be serious, this is wickedness!

I said, “Really? Don’t you think the South-East and South-South have been suffering and enduring this
very same wickedness for over 50 yrs? Why do you think people are clamouring for Biafra?”

He was quiet for a few seconds and said: Wow! You are right, but it never occurred to me.

I said, “that’s the problem with One Nigeria, those who are benefiting love it and would love to maintain the status quo”.

An adage in my place says, “The one who ate fleshy meat forgets easily; but the one who eats the bone never forgets”!

[Opinion Article by Ralph]



  1. Danti

    December 4, 2015 at 1:30 AM

    I don’t know how some people are stuck to primitive thinking, these dogs lack wisdom and always impatient to watch and learn. How is PH part of baboonfra? Gen. Effiong signed a comprehensive surrender, now “baboonette” are out of the cage with troubles because Gen. Buhari has spoiled their illegal businesses. Every trouble maker will be smoked when the time comes.

  2. Omokehinde

    December 4, 2015 at 2:52 AM

    I want to believe that the writer of this article is not a good student of Nigerian history or may be he is just ignorant of facts. The Western region under the leadership of great Obafemi Awolowo was far developed socially, educationally, economically and politically far before the independent in 1960. Let me remind you of certain facts, the foreign airlines, seaports and other foreign businesses and establishments doesn’t choose Lagos State and Abuja as their domain based on tribalism and threats of succession. The Yoruba nation was far ahead of the other two region before the Nigerian independent in 1960. Let give you few of our achievements as Yorubas that attracted those mentioned opportunities to our region. First, the first TV in the whole of African was Ibadan TV that was established in 1952 by the Western region. The first radio station in the whole Nigeria was Radio Ibadan. The first and the last free education and heath care programs in Nigeria that benefited all people of various tribes living in the Western region was Chief Awolowo’s ideas. The first university in Nigeria was University of Ibadan that was established in 1948 by Western region government. The first stadium was Ibadan Liberty stadium. The fact is that we have achieved great things as Yoruba prople far before oil exploration in Nigeria. In case you don’t know, we are the most accommodating people among the major tribes in Nigeria. The Igbos have done well in the Western region than in any region of the federation. We allowed the Igbos to flourished greatly in Lagos and else where such that Gov. Raji Fashola appointed two Igbos as commissioners in Lagos state. No other state can boast of appointing orher tribe for commissioners in Nigeria to date. As you can see, those embassies, seaports, international airlines and other businesses doesn’t come to Lagos because of tribalism and unnecessary agitation because of hatred for a fellow Nigerians. We achieved those great things as people because of sound education far before the independent, good and smart leaders like Awolowo, hospitality, vision, and as people of purpose. The Ndigbo have to gather themselves together, improve their states, treat people the same and allow for equal opportunities, and most importantly, hold their political leaders accountable instead of blaming Hausa/Fulani and the Yorubas for their present state and conditions. Shikenah!

    • iyke

      December 4, 2015 at 7:45 AM

      u speak what u dnt because ur far developed thats y the other region must be abandon, let me tell u a country that want development do nt focus on few region or state, all the western countries share things equally. so that all region is develop, nt that u must go to abuja or lagos 4 every little thing, it is our system that make orther region floading to lagos and abuja. intl, airport, and seaport is out of it for me it does nt matter where, our system is bad, dnt defend it, y are we still crying 4 electricity. water, roads, we import fuel, insecurity, no good transport system. here in Germany u feel the federal presence architecture politics and symbols every where,

    • shyna

      December 4, 2015 at 10:49 AM

      nice one my guy…..They want brafra? first! they should go and solve there problem among them self.

  3. Remmy

    December 4, 2015 at 9:22 AM

    Thank you omokehinde to add to your comments Dr Nnamdi Azikwe was the first president of Nigeria Awolowo was just prime minister of western region,also the first seaport in Nigeria was calabar and center of business he should go back home and ask their leaders what happened.


    December 4, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    Igbos don’t sieze to amaze anytime the issues of unified Nigeria is mentioned. Ralph is talking about unequal physical infrastructural development in Nigeria and in particular the South East, which in his opinion has been deliberately underdeveloped by the Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba political conspirasy. Ralph in his analysis has exposed his intellectual dishonesty by ignoring pre-independence historical antecidents in how the British colonial masters made their choices of where to establish the first educational institutions and the reasons of mineral resource deposits that include cocoa being their target of exploitation, which eventually impacted on the social life of Yorubas of South West. The early contacts with the colonial masters made the Yorubas take the first good step to modern civilisations before the rest of the present day Nigeria thus, the trend continued till modern day Nigeria and not neccessarily about Ralph’s opinion of tribal/zonal marginalisation. The most advanced economies of the world do not have equal physical developments spread across and everywhere but, developments are sited unequally in various zones and choices are made for zones best suited for comparative advantage. This is why USA does not have 2 New Yorks Cities with all the established global institutions devided between the two cities just to balance the equations of development. The British deliberately developed London for the purpose of creating a world class business, commercial, tourism, financial and international transit hub to challenge its other major contemporary cities around the world. The French don’t have two cities of Paris on purpose. Ralph should address instead the reasons the Igbos are always in the storm eye of tribalism and marginalisation when Igbos virtually dominate commerce in Nigeria and ask if the problems actually are not attitudinal and or self inflicted. Nigeria shall remain united no matter what Ralph and his cohorts think anyway.

  5. Jay

    December 4, 2015 at 10:07 AM

    Wt r oda ethnic group afraid oF? If truely we can survive individually,then let’s see hw it goes,r u guys scared dt u can’t survive witout d igbos? Com on guys,let’s knw who got d balls 4 survival,let’s split n see who survives.YorubaS u guys knw d truth is jst dt u ppl will always b pretenders,had it been it jst d yorubas n igbos as naija imagine hw developed we wld hv been,bt since una decide 2 always back d abokis wey slaughter nearly 300 yorubas n kano in 2001, kip enjoying dis entity called nigeria

  6. Olachi Offor

    December 4, 2015 at 11:03 AM

    @ Omokehinde,thanks for that . You nailed the truth to the point, they should blame themselves and their leaders not anybody else. Jonathan had the opportunity to develop the eastern region but he did not,Diezani Alison-Madueke, Ngozi okonjo-Iweala, Stella Oduoh all had the opportunities what did they do with it. Na today”’, I beg lets hear other important news affecting normal lovely people.

  7. James

    December 4, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    Omo my friend, i have told you to help me fight against tribalisim in Nigeria, tribalisim is what will destory Nigeria, let talk against it in any of the comment we made on this gist

    God bless you.

  8. clifford

    December 4, 2015 at 1:22 PM

    Danti/Kehinde. Thanks for your nice contributions and advice. But you have not said why you do not like the people you do not like and hate with passion to aspire for self determination. at this level I expect our friends to wish them well as the Igbo nation travel,sojourn to destructions or glory.

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