P-Square Talks About Female Fans: “At Times We Touch Their Boobs If They Want It”


August 19, 2011 – P-Square Talks About Female Fans: “At Times We Touch Their Boobs If They Want It”

In this latest interview with Vanguard Nigeria newspaper, the most famous twins in the country P-Square who have just released their 5th studio album “The Invasion” talked about what has happened to them with regards their fame and the ladies.

Excerpt below…

What about the girls?

The girls are the best thing to happen to us

Do they throw pants and under wears at you guys too?

It’s normal. Sometimes they bare their breasts for us to sign autographs. The girls are the ones that give us the confidence, that we’re doing the right thing.

Guys would just hail us but the female fans would give us signals and make us know that we’re on the right track. So we try our best to give our female fans all the time we think we can give to them.

What are some of the bizzare things some ladies have done just to touch you?

Most of the times, they don’t understand the situation we are in. And because we happen to know some of them, they sometimes think they’re the only ones that we know.

There are situations when we’d go out on a date with some of them and another one may walk in and they’d complain that we don’t give them the attention without knowing that we’re on a date.

But we still have to threat them with respect. So many things happen backstage and even before going on stage we’d want to pray, but before you realise what’s going on, they just come to you for pictures. And when you tell them you’re about going on stage, they’d think you’re feeling too big.

They think we’re perfect and don’t need any preparation. Some of them may want to visit us at home but we try as much as possible not to make our house a place for all. Some even want our numbers and BB pins. Ladies are the best but at the same time we have to make them know their limits because if you don’t, they may get hurt.

Are there situations where some ladies would want a kiss or take you to bed?

Yes o! Some would even threaten you, if you don’t kiss them. And we wouldn’t have a choice than to kiss them-but not the deep kiss.

What about those who want you to touch their bodies?

Yeah, at times we touch their boobs if they want it.